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What's the best way to filter web content on my computer?

Asked by Aqua (2546points) October 16th, 2010

I occasionally let a few other people use my computer, and I want to make sure they aren’t using it to view adult content. Is there a program or extension for Google Chrome I can install to track/monitor/block web content?

I searched through a bunch of Google Chrome extensions, but couldn’t find anything. I also tried OpenDNS, but had some problems adding a network and couldn’t really figure it out.

I’ve also created a guest account and enabled the parental controls so it will keep track of websites visited and try to limit adult content. If there are easier ways to do this on Firefox or Safari then I could only allow the guest account to access one of those instead of Google Chrome.

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Have you looked at your anti-virus program to see if it offers web filtering? Some do.

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I use Symantec, which doesn’t seem to have web filtering. Good idea though.

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Just don’t let other people use your computer. That’ll solve the whole problem without any new software.

If you’re worried about guests infecting your computer with malware from porn sites, malware can come from ANYWHERE, not just porn sites. Just make sure you have a good AV installed to block malware attacks, regardless what sites they go to.

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I know you said that opendns didn’t work for you, but it works great for me. For those who are interested:
(I use their free service)

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Sorry to say, I think OpenDNS is the way to go.

Or maybe try DynDNS Internet Guide instead? The filtering is almost exactly the same, maybe you will have better luck installing.

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Maybe you can help me get OpenDNS to work then. It says I have to add a network to get started. What IP address am I supposed to enter? If I enter my IP address it just says “network already exists.”

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I think your network is set up.

Now you can click on its IP on this page…

…and set your Content Filtering

The IP does not start with 10, 169, 172 or 192, does it?
Those are special internal IPs, used within your location, not the internet

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@jaytkay: When I follow that link it says that I don’t have any networks yet. My ip starts with 128, but the wireless router I’m on does start with 192. Any idea how to get around this?

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@Aqua I haven’t used OpenDNS much

If you could try DynDNS, maybe the install will work easier. Both are great services, but I’m more familiar with DynDNS. Also, many routers have settings for DynDNS, which can eliminate a few steps.

If you want, PM me your router make and model number and I can work up some instructions.

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