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Why do some people look at your forehead when they talk to you?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) October 17th, 2010

I’ve noticed a few people in my life seem to stare at my forehead when we’re having a conversation. What’s that all about?

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one word bangs…. nah just kidding. Some people are uncomfortable with eye contact. So they maybe trying to look up without actually engaging the eyes? Just a thought

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They may be uncomfortable holding eye contact.

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I never noticed that which is weird because I draw a monobrow on my face with magic marker.Hmmm—maybe it looks too natural???— ;)

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I had a Aunt that used to do that. I always wondered that too. I guess it never really bothered me enough to ask. I suppose eye contact is a issue maybe.

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Yeah I’ve only noticed it with women—four of them to be exact in my lifetime. I had an aunt that did it too. Seems like a weird deal.

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@pallen123 I don’t think it can be really just women? Really? Hmm Now I have pay attention more.

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…it can be really just women?

As a man, I can tell you we tend to aim our gazes too low rather than too high:-)

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Because most girls get upset if you look at their boobs when you are talking to them. :-(

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It might be because I’m only 5“1”.

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Eye contact can be intimidating for some folks. Maybe they like to brow-se up there instead :¬)

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Maybe, to try and get you to rub your forehead.

Yes im aware im in the general section, yes im being serious. Me and my friend do this from time to time. It’s a kind of prank. You talk to someone, and every once in a while you break eye contact and glance at their forehead for about two seconds, then back to their eyes. If you do it right, you will see the person move their hand and maybe scratch their noze. they actually want to rub their forehead to see if there is anything there you are staring at. but part of them forces them to hold back and not fully check. If you look at their forehead in the right sequence and amount of time, you can get them to rub it, or flat out ask you whats on their forehead. or maybe if they are more shy and introverted, they will wait for you to go then check their forehead.

It could just be part of a prank done by a few people to get you to lose your mind.

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Eye contact issues, maybe your eyebrows look different, maybe you have a really pretty forehead… Etc.. It could be anything.

To be honest there is one lady I can’t make eye contact with because her eyes are so piercing it feels like she’s scrutinizing everything about me… So I have to look a little above her eyes. She’s very VERY forward and it’s hard for me to even talk to her if I look at her directly. It’s weird, I have no problem with anyone else.

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They may be uncomfortable with eye contact, or they may be afraid that you suck out their soul through their eyes.
But the most likely explanation is that you are probably a Klingon.

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Many people, especially those who are somewhere on the autistic/asperger spectrum, are uncomfortable with eye contact.

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Perhaps they are looking at your third eye.

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Fascination with all the wrinkles there accumulated from years of scowling and/or squinting?

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I’m a person who looks at other peoples foreheads when I talk to them. I mostly do it because I don’t like making eye contact. I only look into the eyes of the few people I trust.
@poisonedantidote I’ll just have to try doing that to somebody at school tomorrow. GA

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I never have noticed forehead staring…only breast fixation with men. lol

Yes, must have something to do with eye contact.

I am very big on eye contact and have no problem keeping a level eye oriented focus with others, but, not everyone can handle the intensity of being fully seen. haha

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Like everyone said, they are most likely uncomfortable with making eye contact. Whenever I don’t want to make eye contact, I look in between their eyes. It is a lot less noticeable than staring at their forehead :)

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It’s that huge pimple right smack dab in the middle of your forehead.

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They’re trying not to look at my six-pack abs.

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Yeah, I can’t say that I’ve had a lot of people stare at my forehead but then I have bangs for cover up and boobs for distraction. LOL
In the few cases where someone might’ve been staring at my forehead, I found it is usually people who are uncomfortable in staring in my eyes because they are either shy, or have something to hide or feel ashamed. My husband has a cousin that won’t look me in the eyes since he really pissed me off. He probably thinks I think he is a douche but he doesn’t realize that I really don’t care what happened years ago. I don’t forget because that is the way I am, but I don’t hold grudges for idiotcy of youth.

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I’m not sure if I could even detect if someone was doing that. I could , however, tell it if they stared at the top of my head. /-:


I think they may be looking at your hair instead? I notice some strangers tend to look at my hair when I talk to them——perhaps it’s because most guys don’t bother to comb their hair these days and I do (with the addition of Brylcreem I might add——lol) and it’s different because it’s so groomed and neat. Most people who talk to you have no other place to stare other than your eyes, so the next closest things are your forehead and hair.

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I’ve always heard that if you’re uncomfortable making eye contact, to look at the person’s eyebrows instead of directly into their eyes. Maybe this is what is happening?

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Some people avoid eye contact for various reasons.

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When they do this I always think they’re either trying to hide something from me, they’re angry with me about something, they’re guilty about something they’ve done or said about me, or they’re mesmerized by the new zit on my forehead!

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After reading this question, I think more about what I look at while I talk to people. I’ve realized there are some guys that are just so awkward to look in the eye. I think it’s probably because I don’t like them much, so I try to make it very obvious to anyone concerned that I don’t like them. Like this one guy that’s constantly flirting with me. It’s really irritating.

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Eyes are the windows of the soul, they say. It can be be very hard to look into another person’s soul.

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She’s dishonest with you; can’t keep eye contact because of her guilt, and therefore you cannot trust her. Girls like these are liars, awaiting an opportunity on you and should be avoided.

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She’s dishonest with you, have different intentions with you and cannot be trusted. People like this are typically liars with open spirits (self-aware) which is why they experience such a bad life in relationships.

Girls like that should be avoided due to their lack of trust in themselves. If a guy does it, he tends to dominate in a relationship. Just watch his intelligence.

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My father who was somewhat of a short fused person yelled or spoke harshly to me while always looking on my forehead. He never made eye contact.
I watched him do the same to others as a boss.
I think it’s more than a humorous thing as some suggest and I firmly believe there was deep rooted issue there, yet I do not know what.

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