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What does balance mean to you in life?

Asked by losanjealous (44points) October 17th, 2010

I told a workaholic friend that she needed more balance in her life. She asked me what do I mean by balance? I said that she should get away from her computer and relax, have fun, contemplate. She replied I do relax with my kindle. So, I ask the fluther collective what does balance mean to you?

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For me at the moment when I say “I am balancing my life” I basically balancing my time on homework, school, fun activities, spendind time with my family, spending some quality time alone, relaxing on the computer (eventhough its really hard to step away from the computer)

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Love, laughter, nature, work and rest. Getting a good healthy mixture of each IMO would be this balance I know I seek in my life.

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A mix of work and play, exercise, laughter, friendship, love.

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I agree with the above posts, it is like a fine recipe, a good mixture of ingredients.

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A good mixture of work, love and play; doing things for others as well as doing things for myself. For me it also means balance in my mind; not overly obsessing about troubling issues.

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I like the above descriptions, I’d also add a balance between taking care of my self and taking care of others.

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It means working part time and embracing the simple pleasures of hearth & home, like just now…awesome blustery morning with a light rain earlier and sitting on the bench up the hill in my front yard while my new cats race and chase each other and go shoulder deep trying to nab the gophers in their holes. lol

I am a huge believer in nobody ‘should’ have to work more than a 6 hour day.

If I ran the world this would be mandatory.

6 hour days, full benefits, afternoon naps, and everyone would have to sit under a tree for at least 30 minutes a day and just watch life unfolding. haha

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Everything in moderation. Letting yourself slack off, but recognising when you have to buckle down and work.

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Balance means knowing what you have time for and what you don’t. It means realizing when you need to stop and have time for something else.

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A balance of time spent with society, with family and with oneself. The proportions will vary as one goes through life but I think some measure of all three is necessary.

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Balance to me is keeping equilibrium between happiness and sadness, work and relaxing. In a way it’s being able to handle all the things in your life that makes you want to keep going, whether that be family or friends or the arts, and still finding time to do work and the necessites in life that you know are necessary but would rather avoid.

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Mental and physical health, close family connections and employment. Also, the knowledge that there is NO MORE to life than what we see, it is all temporary and in vain. The sooner we come to terms with our temporary life contract and do the best to pave the way to the end smoothly, the better.

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Balance is probably a healthier way to live, but I don’t see that it is my place to tell other people how to live their life unless they ask.

Moderation and variation in daily activities works for me.

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Not making your life depend on just one aspect of it, like only your work, only your spouse, only your health, only your hobby, and so forth.

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