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How do you celebrate?

Asked by SamIAm (8703points) October 18th, 2010

After much anxiety (way too much), I’ve finally gotten some good news! Generally, I’d grab some friends for a drink (or 4) but I’ve decided to take some time off from drinking.

How do you celebrate?

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Dinner out . !!

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Hmmmm…I would have lunch here
Shopping is not a bad idea either,or a massage.If I was low on cash,I would get out for a long hike and take some photos :)

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Go out for a meal.

Make a special night at home: special dinner, rent a movie.

Go on a drive to some fun destination.

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Dinner and a bottle of wine in a nice restaurant with my SO.

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Chinese Buffet. All you can eat crab legs.

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I don’t. I rarely have reason to celebrate.

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@mrentropy Aww That is soooo Sad Here Lurve to cheer you up. Do you have a dog? Give it Peanut butter it will cheer you up.LOL Well it does me.

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@Frenchfry I’m not particularly down, really, it’s just that I really don’t have much to celebrate. Never really did. I guess the best I can say is going out to dinner for my birthday (which I won’t be doing this year). That’s the only thing close to a consist “celebration” that I can think of.

And no, no dog. Two cats and two birds. Although it’s amusing to watch one of the cats bury his head in a bag of corn chips, grab one, and take off with it.

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Well I think of ways to celebrate. Waking up not dead is a reason. Talking to a good friend or making one is another. Little things in life is a good reason. You don’t need something big is what I am saying. LOl on cat and chips.

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Nothing much really…
I would try to make the rest of the day perfect or try to make the next day completly perfect. I might also ask my parents to have some really good food for dinner but that’s only if I in really good mood.

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Company, food and wine!

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I would go to your favorite restaurant and get a chef’s table and enjoy a killer special meal sans the drinks of course. Congrats and enjoy.

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Dim Sum brunch or Sushi dinner with friends.

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Cuddling up with blankets and watching a happy movie. I also like talking with my friends. I try to keep my celebrating simple.

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We take the family out for a really nice dinner. Anything-on-the-menu kind of dinner.

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