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What is going on with my computer?

Asked by BoBo1946 (15285points) October 19th, 2010

Normally, use a left click on the mouse, now nothing will open until I use the right click!

What do I do?

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I’ve had the same thing happen. Try completely shutting down the computer (not just restart), and see if that helps.

There is also a feature that allows one to set up the mouse so that the left- and right-click buttons are reversed. I’m assuming it is for people that want to control the mouse with their left hand. However, if the settings were changed, you would probably know that, unless someone had access to your computer.

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@Pied_Pfeffer did that…still that way! May have to go to restore…. I try the left hand vs right…thank you P!

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@BoBo1946 Do you have a ball mouse? If so, it may need cleaning.

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@marinelife no….googled it and did not find the answer! Very confusing…opposite of what it was…driving me

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When you right click does is behave like the left one would? Or does it give you a contextual menu where it gives you the option to open?

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Have you run a virus scan lately? i had an older computer that the viruses took over and it also included the mouse. run the scan. if this does not work, go to WalMart and buy a new mouse. they are not that expensive. also, Goodwill has used ones.

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@johnpowell it just the opposite of what it was…i’ve always done a left click to open something and now, must do a right click.

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@john65pennington did several things…closed the computer down, went to control panel, and restore does not work. Crazy….seems like there should be a way to reverse this.

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What kind of computer? If it’s a PC, go to the Mouse applet in your control panel and reset it. There is a tab for Buttons with a checkbox to switch primary and secondary buttons. Make sure it is not checked.

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Rex, good answer. forgot about the Mouse applet.

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Also, Big Lots has a remote control keypad and mouse for around $20–25 dollars. i am using one now. made by GE and i love it. don’t forget to buy batteries.

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Oh, got’cha Rex!

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it was on left handed Rex and switched it to right…no change!

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@BoBo1946 I am by no means knowledgable about these things and only speak from epxerience. I would run a virus scan to see if something comes up. I got one not long ago that reset my cursor to the last place the mouse clicked every time I hit the “Y” key. Drove me nuts trying to figure out what was wrong. I wound up doing a complete reinstall because of another email virus attack and that “Y” Key issue is no more.

Either way I would do a backup before you do anything just in case.

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will do C…thank you!

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did a virus check and still the same…don’t have a clue!

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ahh…. a system restore did the trick!

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Have had to reinstall mouse drivers in the past. Sounds like you got it under control already.

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crazy deal Rex….restore the system and it took it 30 minutes after restoring it to get it’s act together. Fine now…

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