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Whose mistake is this?

Asked by prasad (3859points) October 19th, 2010

I am using Vodafone prepaid sim card. I activated sms pack; 1,000 sms’ free for 30 days in last month, and 15,000 sms’ free for this month (till October 25, 2010). I send around 500 to 1000 sms’ in a day (both official & personal).

1. When I was using, 1000 sms’ pack, the pack exhausted, and I kept on sending sms’ until my balance was over; zero! I didn’t get any notification about the pack is over. Is it right to expect the notification? Or am I just over expecting?

2. Then, I started using 15,000 sms’ pack. It went smooth, 1000 sms’ a day, until day before yesterday when my balance again dropped to zero. I called up their customer care & complaints, they told me the day before yesterday was a black day, and my sms pack was not working & got deactivated for that particular day. It was a festival day, Dasara. I kept on sending sms’, and was charged double over 160 sms’. This, too, I was not informed. Again, is it right to expect it? Or I am wrong, and I am over expecting?

I called up and complained; and even asked to refund my money. Both times, I recharged with Rs. 351, quite a big one for me; and I lost Rs. 702 in the meanwhile. What do you think should I do now?

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I’d say it’s your fault, personally. I’d be shocked if the “black day” wasn’t specified in whatever agreement you signed. And I don’t see a difference between exhausting your sms account and overdrafting on your checking account or going over limit on your credit card. It’s your responsibility to be aware of how much of your account you’ve used.

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The company is in business to make money off of you, not to give you free stuff. The free is a lead-in to having you pay for their services. I agree with @MrItty. You should be keeping track of your balance, or be mindful of how much you’re using your phone.

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It is your responsibility to monitor usage.

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