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What are ways you can easily nap on a desk?

Asked by skittles (110points) October 20th, 2010

So lets say youre in a really…boring….class. What are some ways/positions that would be comfortable allowing you to fall asleep easily/quickly?

I know I shouldnt be sleeping in class, but when the time comes when we dont do anything in class, HOW CAN I SLEEP EFFECTIVELY?

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Tell your teacher, in private, that she needs to think about ways of stimulating her class—she needs to do more to keep you awake. (Suggest having the class be more engaged, instead of just listening: see “Teaching with Your Mouth Shut” by Don Finkel.) Insist on getting a good education! We are all paying for it, and if you don’t get one, we will all pay a lot more in the future.

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I worked with a girl who slept at her desk, but she swore she was not sleep…she was praying.

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Start wearing those eyeglasses that seem overtinted. Get your teacher used to it. If you do not wear eyeglasses, start doing so, with just plain old tinted glass. Not the kind that are dark as sunglasses… those make you look blind or drunk. I’m talkin about slightly-tinted ones that look fairly normal even indoors. Wear them and for a few days be very attentive, participating, etc. After he or she gets used to you wearing them, start just leaning back in your chair, staring straight ahead, and dozing off.

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Oh I’m a pro at this! Okay so heres one way. Get a thick class book. My history book is huge so maybe that one. Then cross your arms and put your head down. The elevation REALLY makes a difference. My personal favorite though is to lay your left arm straight out in front of you. Then lay yout tight forearm over the crook in you left elbow. Then lay your head on the 90 degree angle that the crossing of your arms has created. That’s my favorite. Another slightly more simpler way is to just bring a hoodie and bunch it up and use it as a pillow. Hope that helped =]

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If your chair separates from your desk, slide it back and pillow your head in the crook of your elbow. If not, try it anyway.
If you cannot cradle your head in your arm, use your hands instead.

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I got really good at resting my elbow on the desk and jamming my fist under my chin, while using my other arm for balance. Keep your book open and your face pointed down toward it so it looks like you’re reading relevant material. Don’t sit behind someone who talks a lot in class or it will draw attention to you.

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@tearsxsolitude‘s method is pretty much what I use, except I fold both my arms instead of just my right. If it has to look like you’re paying attention, just rest your chin on your head and look down at your notes.

If I’m really sleepy but I don’t want to be seen sleeping, I listen to podcasts or music on my iPod. I put the iPod on my lap and run the earphone wire up my hoodie so it isn’t as obvious.

Tricks from high school.

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You could try painting wide awake eyes over your closed eyelids.

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@xxii Thanks for the ipod technique! I’ll be sure to use that one!

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