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Best quiz maker software?

Asked by pallen123 (1519points) October 20th, 2010

I’m looking for software I can use to make quizzes that I can show online via a browser and ideally also via iPhone and other smartphones via html5. I’ve looked at Wondershare and Articulate products but they’re a little expensive. Tried Courselab and it looks a little tricky to use. Anyone have suggestions? I’d like simple, clean multiple choice quizzes with ability to add pictures.

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tranquilsea's avatar offers a free online software for quizzes. It looks like they have just added an option to add pictures.

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I’ve been using wrts for a while, but that might be completely useless if you want to use pictures.

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I recently stumbled across a free (and paid) online service called They don’t necessarily offer quizzes, but you can build forms, have people fill them out, and view the results later for grading.

My college uses a system called Blackboard that students and teachers use to post and retrieve content. It has a built-in multiple-choice quiz component that allows pictures. It grades automatically on submit and shows the quiz taker their score in real time. You’d have to purchase a license for it.

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