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In your country, under what circumstances would a soldier, or any government employee, lose his pension?

Asked by flo (10481points) October 20th, 2010

-For example what happens if they are convicted of cold blooded killing/s?
-If the pension amount is higher than the cost of the prison (room and board etc), do they just get the difference?
-If the pension amount is lower, is the difference deducted if they ever win a lottery etc?

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Only if he got a dishonorable discharge when I was in. I think they may have changed that to remove pensions from felons too.

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@WestRiverrat thanks, I edited the OP, by the way.

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Pensions are dependent on the rules that are written into them. In some cases, such as government pensions, they can be changed retroactively by an act of congress. I haven’t heard that the actions of the retiree will affect the pension.

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If memory serves, any veteran who commits a felony forfiets his or her pension. Other than that, the only way they could lose their pension is if the entire monetary system collapses.

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I have heard that since the pension is meant for necessities, and since the necessities are covered in prison, they deduct the difference, or they are thinking of it, somewhere. Serial killers, they lose it completely.
By the way this is in general, not just about soldiers.

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This must be about Colonel Russell Williams. I’m of two minds on this. I don’t believe he should get any of his pension. But his pension is tied, of course, to his wife who had nothing to do with his crimes. If he were to have his pension revoked then the victims’ families wouldn’t have the opportunity to sue him, rightfully, for the vast majority of that money.

He’ll never get out of prison. Should his family pay the price for his depravity?

That is just allowing the government to duck out on having to pay his pension. So they win, what about the victims?

I would be for the government taking his half of the pension and allocating it to the victims.

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@tranquilsea, the wife of this guy has a high profile position, and therefore does not exactly need his pension. And generally, family members who are sickened enough by the crimes would want not to be associated with it, and therefore find alternative way of living.

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