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How can I pass time?

Asked by ducky_dnl (5378points) October 20th, 2010 from iPhone

I am taking a trip in January. January is when I will actually physically start looking for the guy I met online. I can’t wait! I was supposed to go in November, but it had to be pushed to January. Anyway, any ideas of how I may come to pass the time? It seems so far away. What can I do? I go to school, I work, and I am trying to volunteer with a daycare. These things don’t keep my mind off of my trip. The question should actually be: How can I keep my mind off the trip lol. Suggestions? I try doing puzzles, listening to music, etc.. But none of it works! Help!

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Make a collage from old photographs. It will keep your mind off your trip, and would also be a nice item to share with your new guy once you meet.

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I’m a little confused. What exactly do you mean when you say you will be physically looking for the guy you met online? Do you not know this person? Why do you have to find him? Don’t you know where he is?

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@Kardamom I met this guy online. I only know what he has told me. Don’t judge me!

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Maybe your mind should be totally on your trip since you will be looking for the guy….You should be thinking about are you doing the right thing, you should be thinking about your safety, you should be thinking about how are you going to keep someone posted of your every move. This is not about judging you, its about being aware of what goes on in this world.

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@AmWiser my mom is coming with me. I would never go by myself.

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Well I would suggest taking up some kind of hobby. Learn to play the guitar and surprise this new person in your life. Learn to dance maybe? Find something that is going to take all of your focus and get you to think completely on what your doing at that point in time. Music does help in this situation. You could do some more volunteer work if you have the time and energy. Another thing you could do is put your mind completely on meeting this new person but try and forget about what date your going to finally meet him. Maybe you could write a poem about this new person?

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@ducky_dnl I don’t think asking for clarification of the question = judging

To use uup time between any type of activity, go to or do some volunteer work near you.

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Am I the only one that doesn’t understand this?
Does this guy know you’re coming to meet him? Why do you have to look for him? And, not to be the devil’s advocate, but what makes you think that your mom being there makes it completely safe and doesn’t put both of you in danger?
Please don’t read that as judgment, I’m just having trouble understanding what the situation is.

In the meanwhile… it sounds like you are already quite busy with work, school and volunteering. Can you find another volunteer gig, or add hours to the one you already have? Don’t burn yourself out trying to avoid thinking about it by filling it up with busy work. There’s nothing wrong with keeping busy, but don’t overdo it in hopes of squashing out thoughts.

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@ducky_dnl @Kardamom I met this guy online. I only know what he has told me. Don’t judge me!

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It sounds like you don’t know very much about this guy you are going to “find”. I still don’t understand the “find” part about it. You say that you only know what he has told you. What exactly has he told you? How old are you?

This sounds like a potentially dangerous situation. You should ask yourself these questions: Do you know this person’s real name? Do you have several current photos so that you can recognize him? Do you know his address? Does he know that you and your mother are coming to visit him? What do you know about his life: his family, his friends, his job, his interests? Where will you be staying? With him or at a hotel? Does this guy think that you two have a romantic relationship already? Is that what you are expecting to have when you get there? If you are expecting to be in a romantic relationship with him, how is that supposed to work if you don’t live in the same city? Does anyone else know where and when you are going to meet/find this person?

Sorry that this sounds like we’re judging you, but it sounds like you haven’t thought this whole thing through. In the city that I live in, there have been several high profile incidents with young women meeting men online that have had very dire consequences. Better to be safe than sorry.

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@Kardamom & everyone else concerned- I understand you are looking out for @ducky_dnl, but you are not answering her question. Can we just stick to the question please, or at least send your concerns via pm?

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Have you asked him where he lives?
If so, did he tell you?

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@Brian1946 and everyone else. I shall tell you the story. I met a guy online who I really liked. He expressed the same feelings I did. I have never met, nor have I ever spoken to this person. It was strictly IMing each other. Well he decided to just disappear from online. Without a word. I only know what he has told me. I know where he said he lived and I have pictures of him. I’m going to find this guy. It has no impact on me if you have a problem with it. My question was how can I occupy my time. I’m not trying to be mean. I just don’t like explaining myself when all I asked for was simple ideas.

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I have no problem with you trying to find him.
Even if you don’t find him (and I certainly hope you do), I think a trip to Canada with your mom seems like a nice trip anyway.

I’m just trying to aid you in your search, and finding ways to improve your chances of locating him are other ways to productively occupy your time before you depart.

Did he specify in what town he lives?

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