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No. He doesn't like you. Stop obsessing over him and you might have a chance.

Asked by delirium (13691points) April 1st, 2008
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What I lie awake most nights worrying about?

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Do you think it’s okay if I ignore that restraining order?

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When a guy says he doesn’t like me, does he like me?

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so therz this boi @ schol rite? and lyk, he has a girlfrnd but the otherday he said hai to me. hez reely cute i ono should i talk 2 him?

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{Place any inane relationship question here}. Please help!!!!!

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is dog really man’s best friend?

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There is a [cute/ sexy/ sexii /aesthetically intriguing/ hot/ hott/ hideous but he has a great personality/ fluffy/ KAWAII/ symmetrical] guy at [school/ work/ the fair/ the convention/ my favorite coffee shop/ across the hall/ in front of me in line/ a million miles away/ in my dreams] who keeps [INSERT USER (inter)ACTION HERE] and I think he likes me and I want to ask [him out/ if its appropriate to remove garments from his person/ him to dinner/ him to marry me/ him to jump my bits/ him to google it/ his size/ where the restroom is/ what the cake is]. How should I go about doing this?

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Does Riser like me?

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Why won’t Alex Trebek return my phone calls? I only called him six times yesterday….

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No Bulba… I don’t. I lurve you. ;)

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Should I call him?

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