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What longboard should I get?

Asked by loveurmindnsoul (380points) October 20th, 2010

I had a Sector 9 longboard that my ex bought me several years ago and today it was stolen =(. Left it in a classroom and when I doubled back, it was gone.

I am aware that Sector 9 boards are extremely mainstream and the hardcore longboard lovers boo at it. I’ve tried my friend’s Loaded Dervish board and liked it, but didn’t feel quite at home with it. What’s a good board that would suit me, I would use it to cruise around campus and carve/pump. I’m not so keen on bombing hills. Also, I don’t want an extremely long board.

Thanks =D

Fluther community rocks! Price is not an issue, though I am definitely not willing to spend anything close to 450$

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I have an Arbor longboard, and I absolutely love it! They’re well-built boards (I’ve had mine for 4 years) and they’re certainly not as mainstream as Sector 9. You should definitely be to find one for less than $450. And they’re really pretty. I’d highly recommend one.

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There’s a local place in Brooklyn called Bustin’ that’s making a real splash in the longboard community and they do online sales, so wherever you are they can get you. All my roommates swear by them and they give you guaranteed cred with all of those hardcore snickerers.

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Sector 9 does have some pretty nice stuff… if your willing to pay for it. My favorite brands are landyachtz and Loaded. They are quality boards.

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