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Is there a way to naturally reduce toxic output on a Dalmatian dog?

Asked by NeroCorvo (1231points) October 21st, 2010

This is a serious question and a serious problem. Please do not suggest corks or other silly and unhelpful solutions

This Dalmatian is on top quality food because otherwise she gets skin rashes. Her skin looks great but her farting is ghastly.

Since she follows me around the house there is no escaping it. I do NOT want to put her out. She is a companion and I appreciate her company.

Can I use Beano or a natural supplement to stop her gas and clear the air?

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Sounds like a question for your vet. Before there were products like Beano, I had a dog with the same condition. Even though he was on premium food, it was a problem. I tried making him food at home, and it helped a lot, but I’m sorry I don’t remember what other (than meat) ingredients I used. Again, talk to your vet about home food possibilities.

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I’ve heard that unflavored yogurt can help for dog farts. The cultures help food digestion.

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Regarding the comment suggesting I should not be breeding dogs to begin with I want to state that this dog was a severely abused rescue from a city shelter who came to me emaciated and with worms and kennel cough. I do not breed dogs nor do I seek purebreds. I only put this information in the title as I have heard other Dalmatian owners speak of the issue and thought it would help find a quality response.

Do not be so quick to judge others.

Thanks @JilltheTooth I was hoping someone in a veterinary office or a veterinarian themselves might answer here. If I get no help then I will most certainly go to our vet.

@buckyboy28 I will try that. I even have some. Thanks- I will let you know if it works in this case.

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“Feed your dog more frequently with smaller portions
Exercise the dog more frequently to stimulate its intestines
Choose a premium brand of dog food that is highly digestible
Buy an additive (activated charcoal) for your dog’s food to reduce farting (see your veterinarian first before doing this)”


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Dalmatian skin problems are often caused by their inability to metabolize purines. I would imagine that this could lead to gas as well! Is she already on a low-purine food?

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Yes, Beano is fine to use. You’ll need to experiment to see if it is effective in her case.

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The solution may be as simple as finding another brand of food.
With her skin condition that may not be an option.
But there are additives that can help with the gas.

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I would also consider a BARF or raw diet. I have seen many dogs who were plagued with skin and stomach problems make such a total turn around, it was amazing. I don’t feed my dogs (nor do I myself eat) anything that doesn’t look like the food it is supposed to be. You buy a bag of dog food that says it is made out of chicken but it sure doesn’t look like any chicken I have ever seen, so why would you feed mystery food???

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Thanks so much for the input everyone. I am changing her diet over slowly to a more natural one and am already seeing improvement. I think her treats- lamb and rice- may have been the main culprit.

Again thanks Jellies for helping clear the air.

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Try giving Tums, my vet recommended this for one of my dogs, it worked and he loves them.

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