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Do I need a 3D Tv to watch 3D content?

Asked by Moxy (182points) October 21st, 2010

I am getting a sony bravia full hd tv model numer is EX710 and a Sony PS3 Slim. I heard that Sony will have an update this Summer for the PS3, that will make PS3s compatible with 3D content. Will I need to buy a new TV to play 3D Blu-ray movies?

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Yes, you will need to get a different TV that states right on it, 3D. This model you mentioned, EX710, has a 3D Comb Filter, which is just an old industry term for when talking about reducing a signal delay in different types of video input. Along with a new 3DTV, you will also need to buy the 3D glasses that correspond to the 3DTV you buy.

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Hmmmm, I don’t have a 3-D TV. I have a 1080p flat screen and I watch 3-D blue ray movies on it all the time.

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We may be talking about two different types of 3D. So let’s get all the details out in the open.

3D, in its early stages, the red/cyan (& several other two different colored lens) paper glasses, those type of 3D movies will work on any TV. Recent movies like Coraline, Journey to the Center of The Earth, My Bloody Valentine.. all those 3D movies came with their own two-colored paper glasses to watch on any TV. Those work because the movie shows both the left & right images at the same time, just in different colors (anaglyph), which is why the lenses of the glasses need to be different colors.

This new 3D technology is very different. The new glasses use a method called, active shutter. In which, the TV now produces each image separately for each eye & alternates those images. The glasses act like shutters on a camera, allowing only certain images to go to each eye. They flicker/alternate at an incredible speed of 50 frames per second/per eye. Because this is happening so fast, the brain merges the two images into a single, 3D image. The movie Monsters vs. Aliens uses this type of 3D. It is NOT CHEAP. Here it is for sale on amazon, for $350 for just the movie & glasses.

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They have the glasses at BestBuy for $130 each.

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@rpmpseudonym he is referring to watching 3-D movies on his PS3. No special TV needed.

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The PS3 is making the world of 3D a lot more complicated. For some of their games that will be released in 3D (some out now), they are compatible with anaglyph glasses. But for the newest 3D technology (for games & movies), you need to buy a 3D capable TV & a pair of the active shutter glasses. (This 3D update for the PS3 is coming very soon)

The PS3 can also output in a newer 3D signal, that will require a converter. The details on that are still fuzzy, so things may change.

The world of 3D technology is changing so fast, that getting all the details in order is a pain in the ass. Every company has their own take on it & it’s confusing as hell for the consumer. I’d say wait at least 1 year to let everything calm down & then make your purchases.

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