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Can I use my TiVo remote to control my PS3?

Asked by fortune425 (58points) November 28th, 2008

I love my TiVo remote control and hate using the PS3 controller when I’m watching Blu-ray/DVD movies.

It is possible to program my PS3 to accept input from the TiVo remote?

I’m aware that I can buy a Sony PS3 remote, but I really love the feel of the TiVo remote and would prefer to use it as a universal remote to control everything.

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The PS3 uses Bluetooth to operate, thus, your TiVo remote has to be a bluetooth remote too, which I don’t believe they are.

Plus, you need to have the “Playstation Button” on your remote too, to sync it to the PS3.
I am not familiar with the TiVo, or it’s remote, but from the commercials I have seen, and the pictures on Google, it does not appear they have the functionality needed to sync to the PS3.
All I can recommend is try going into your PS3 “Remote Control” setting and start hitting buttons on the TiVo Remote. I doubt it will work, but no harm done if it doesn’t.

One word of warning though, with the PS3: The Playstation loves to “over take” control of anything synced to it by bluetooth, so the worse thing that could happen is your TiVo remote not work with the TiVo until the PS3 is turned off. don’t worry if this happens, there is a setting in the PS3 menu to un-sync a bluetooth device.

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