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Do any of your relatives have an unusual or funny name or nickname?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30950points) October 22nd, 2010

I have an Aunt Sweegee who got the nickname from the title character of her favorite bedtime storybook, and I had an Uncle Geek who got that nickname from a toddler learning to speak who mispronounced his name and it stuck.

Anything funny about the names in your family?

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My Uncle’s name was V.L. His Dad named him that so people wouldn’t call him Virgil Junior, but he took the name Virgil when Granddad passed on.

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I know this dude with a hyphenated first name and a hyphenated last name. The dude is not my relative though.

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I have a niece who was in her mummy’s tummy when the film Monster’s Inc was popular… her big brother always referred to the baby in his mummy’s tummy as Boo (the little girl from the film)... the name stuck, and they actually included the name as one of her middle names!

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My cousin was saddled with a horrible family name out of obligation (Clothilde, anyone? eek) Her dad was an army man and used to tell her sister to get to bed, “join your bunkie”. Everyone has called her “Bunkie” since forever.

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My grandmother’s name was Naomi. We sometimes called her/teased her “Nony bologna”. I’m not sure why…
Now, however, years after she has passed away, it kind of think it was endearing.

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My husband and I sometimes call our son “porkchop”.
He is 8 weeks old and over 15 lbs. He’s a very big baby and we think it’s cute…

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I knew a guy called Richard Short, we called him ‘Dick’ :-/

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Ummm….not really, except myself, they called me Midnight…don’t ask me why..have no clue! My grandfather owned a country store and that is what his customers called me…not my family.

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My Great Grandfather’s name was Elmo. I have a great Uncle named Herple (sounds like purple) and a grandmother named Zelda and a grandmother named Willie :)

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(My baby’s name is going to be Rowan) I thought that was also very different for a girl.

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My husband is family is from Kentucky and he has HUGE family. Anyways, there is Aunt Trigger,and Pudding. Trigger passed away and Pudding is in a nursing home. There is Poor Beau.(his cousin) He has a weight problem, has had all his life. He is also clumsy, He would spill his buttermilk get all sad. Aunt Pudding would say “Aw poor beau crying over spilt milk.” They were raised on farms. Real nice country folk. They have tons of nicknames for each other. I just get a kick out of it.

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Hey, I’m from the South – one grandfather was Big Daddy (his father was Big Dad), my mom had an Aunt Sister and an Aunt Joe Shelby (yes, we were/are Confederates).

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My mother-in-laws name is Hephzibah. I actually love the name, but it is unusual I think.

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I have a cousin, his name is Neil Down. Acts like bloody royalty so he does :¬)

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@ucme hee hee Funny.

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@Frenchfry yeah & true, an unusual combination.

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Kitty Love.
Sounds like a madame XD

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Not a relative, but a great police officer friend. he loved banana pudding so much, he acquired the nickname….......PUDDIN’.

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Uncle Guernsey, the one who used to order mail-order brides. He became so upset at one from California, that he nearly spit his teeth out just talking about her. She hated his method of showering…a hose attached to the bathtub faucet. One day, she cut it up into little pieces, thinking he’d build her a new shower. He took her back to the train station. There were always problems around him. He was always ready for a verbal fight…but, had a very limited vocabulary to back it up. Thus, it sometimes was over the top.

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Uncle Toad, Uncle Pug, and a couple who are called Red (him with red hair) and Purple. (She always wears EVERYTHING purple)

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I had two “Aunts” (really friends of my Mom but they were Aunts to me) named Pude and Teas, and I have a sister named Omi (pronounced O-me). I also have a cousin called Yuck.

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One of my uncles has been given the nickname “Uncle Boo”. He has the same name as my younger brother and we had to find a way to differentiate them.

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Yes. That relative is a member here and that nickname is their user name. Also, a brother-in-law of mine is known to the kids in the family as “Uncle Dog”.

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A BIL called ‘Bus’
My sister’s nephew goes by ‘Street’ (short for Bradstreet..he’s the 7th or 8th generation)

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@diavolobella just outed me. But she didn’t say that I got this handle because she couldn’t manage long names.

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My nickname is Neffie, which is strange enough on its own. My sisters are Beans, Pie, and Boobs. Yes, Boobs… but we didn’t give her that nickname. lol. Many of my husband’s friends call him Word, and often collectively refer to us as Mr. and Mrs. Word. Which is obviously not really our last name.

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@perg. I don’t remember that being how you got that nickname at all. I also don’t remember ever having a problem saying your name. By the time we started calling you that, I was in middle school.

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@diavolobella It developed from something you called me when you were in first grade or kindergarten (M-P). Actually, you probably were doing it intentionally because it was cute.

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Nope. The most boring Anglo-Saxon-Celtic based names ever. And what isn’t that would come off as preppy if we had money, what with the Bunnys and Missys.

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@perg. I didn’t realize I was the one who started that. I have no memory of it. How weird. LOL

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We call our youngest daughter “Boogie”. She really wanted to just get down and go as a baby, even before she learned how to crawl. So… Boogie.

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My great grandfather and his siblings were Earl, Berle, Merle, Hurl, Gertie Pearl and Danny. Nothing too odd on their own (except Hurl) but together it is funny to me – especially with the addition of the youngest, Danny. Who ever thought Danny would be the odd name out?

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I’ve a friend eveyone called him, “Fats!” He weighs about “120 pounds soaking wet!” Think he was a fat baby and it got started there.

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Oh. There’s a guy who owns a landscaping company here and his name is Doug Graves. That always cracks me up.
But @ucme , Neil Down has to be my new favorite.

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@Blueroses He’s going to be such a pain when I tell him about this…......actually, sod that for a game of soldiers! This i’m keeping to myself :¬)

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Nobody in my family that’s currently alive has a nickname, although many of my fishermen ancestors did. I stole one of them to use for my username here.

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I have an uncle Michele and brother Natalie. It’s not their real names but we call them that because they like to be on the girls team whenever they play pool.

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I found out a couple of years ago while researching my genealogy that my Grandmother’s first name was Jemimah. No wonder she preferred Pearl.

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Have a friend named, William Skidmark Picker III ! Everyone calls him Bill !

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Had a customer once called Pete Moss.
And yes, that was his occupation!

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Oh I had a boss named Theo Cock . He kept saying it’s not prounced that way . It’s like coke. I Would still call him Cock. LOL. I was a such a ass.

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My sisters and I refer to our grandfather as Art The Fart.
Not that he is gassy. He just is obnoxious.

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Loll… hello my friend !

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My husband gave nicknames to everybody in his life that he liked: Bullet, Cheeto, Johnny Buns, Montecca (means lard in Spanish), Dark Vader, dog spit, and of course, Skaggfacemutt (me!)

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