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Where do flutherites go to ask dumb, or at least silly, questions?

Asked by Civic_Cat (530points) December 24th, 2009

Okay, I get it.

Your site seems to be like the Wikipedia Reference Desk,
save your questions are always open.

I appreciate and will respect that
—or at least try too
—maybe this question is inappropriate, I don’t know.

But where can I ask my silly questions, the entertaining or joke questions—or attempts thereof:
like the one’s I’d ask in Yahoo! Answers (I know, such were generally TOS violations there, but I’m trying to change)
—before I went to Answerbag.

Where a question like:
“YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAaaa… Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss?”;_ylt=AhDkXQlykT2MmxbYmwEckSDpFQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20090703161009AAclHes
can a great answer from a great Belgian Trotskyite I meet there.

or I can go to a Persian site and ask questions like:
“Why aren’t there topless anarchists parading in Tehran yet?”

or in YA:;_ylt=AlqdkXrjEsSM7fXV42ZQqU7BFQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20090616132811AA2HefM;_ylt=Am9P2dvzDdAJxdNilk0eG0rBFQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20090616145518AABeK2Q;_ylt=AqxxDhJQMotpLAKPhV6.oZ7BFQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20090616105128AAU2se4

What I’m looking for is a site where:
(1) like Fluther, all I need to register is an email address, username, and password;
(2) like Fluther, multiple accounts are permitted;
(3) I can ask risque questions and the like;
(4) there’s a decent amount of traffic;
and the hardest,
(5) like Fluther, the members are generally cool.

Thanks for any and all help.

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apparently, right here.

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@Civic Cat.
I thought such questions were not allowed here.

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This question makes me feel high. D:

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You can ask really dumb questions on Answerbag, as long as they make sense and are not a duplicate.

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I guess 4chan :D No sign-up needed tho

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Your typical Flutherite is an evolved entity, a higher order of being, with a greater capacity to think wondrous thoughts, and as such, has no need or tolerance for frivolity or jocularity. They tend to spend their time telling each other how intelligent and superior they are to the unwashed troglodytes who wash up on the shore of their magical, crystal island of intellect and elitism while admonishing those of us from the less evolved planes of existence to keep our ignorance to ourselves…or least on another Q&A site.

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@Freedom_Issues They don’t check until/unless they are flagged… or did they finally start caring now?

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Geez. that doesn’t help much…..0.o

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Actually, I find that the more highly evolved among us are more capable of humour than others. Even Mr. Spock had a sense of humour, however dry it might be to some.

What I liked about AB was their relative tolerance of some of my sillier questions. Even YA had a de facto tolerance of such—though on both sites some of the questions were removed.

If Fluther has no tolerance for such, fine, and I still like to remain here; but I’d like a site where I can have some fun, too.

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To: Fluthermucker

The effort might be less than fighting.

I found that out the hard way in both AB and YA the difficulty in trying to get a question re-instated. It happened only once in YA, and that was due to a fluke—one of their glitches.

My 3rd question here was removed.
“Eight days left and I’m still uncomfortable calling them the “ohs”, “aughts” or “noughties”. How about you?”

The notice said:
“The mod team pushed this to editing because:

Your question subject doesn’t explain your question. Try making the question more clear and more descriptive. People should be able to get the idea of your question from the subject. What are “oughts” and “noughties” ”

Now if these no nonsense savants here at fluther have problems with this not-too silly question, whereas the folks at Wikipedia and RationalWiki have little difficulties in the same questions posted there and there ,
I wonder if my more humourous, or attempts thereof, will be even less tolerated.

Also, I’m already beginning to wonder about the credibility of some of the folks here as per my question here

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When our boys were small, some years ago, we had new neighbors from India. Our kids made friends with theirs and became steady playmates. When Hallowe’en came, our new neighbors wanted to join in the local customs. I am sure they also wanted to be good guests of our native feast. So when their children came to our door, in costume and carrying trick-or-treat bags, their mother followed them carrying a large basket of candy. After we had put treats in her children’s bags, she handed me an equal number of candy bars.

There was nothing wrong with what she did. In fact, it was kind and very touching. It’s just not how we do Hallowe’en.

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I understand that in Japan they give each other presents.

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Were you addressing me just then?

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@Civic_Cat, you are addressing yourself. When you address someone else, you put their name after the @.

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Thanks for pointing my error out.

How do I comment on the question itself or to all who may be reading it?

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Just post, or address the original poster (unless you are the original poster).

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First off, I see where I erred:
In this faq

“Q. Can I comment on a specific answer?
Fluther doesn’t have a way to comment on a particular quip like Answerbag does. If you want to say something off-topic in a question, make sure you whisper it (surround the line with a double dash,—like this).—

“We use the @username convention to reply to a response in a question. It you type the @ symbol you will get a drop down with a list of names. It looks like this:” ”

I figured by “username” they meant the person’s own.

My follow-up to your question is how do flutherites refrain from lurving comments by those who already posted answers to the same question; or is such permitted?

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What?! You mean you’ve never visited any of my questions, Civic Cat…the thread posts there are filled with many, many dumb, or at least silly, questions themselves. Yep.

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