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Party in the bat cave! Justice League rocks over 20,000! Ya wanna?

Asked by Trillian (21111points) October 23rd, 2010

Please join me in congraulating uberbatman on the 20k milestone!

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HippHipppHooRay and Congratulations!!
I can’t believe I’m first to the partay

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Holy 20k, Batman!

Congratulations!! :)

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Congratulations!! :)

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Yea Uberbatman! I think you are one of the coolest jellies here. I ALWAYS read all of your posts. Congratulations on your 20K milestone. I’m just uber surprised you weren’t at 20K a long time ago.

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Congratulations!! :)

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Congrats uberbatman 20k hooray!

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Congratulatons dude, I was brewing up a litte something for you to drink. You know what I’m talking about. Here you go….

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May your Bat-manning be ever Uber!

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Holy Sith, Batman!

First off: I miss you. Lets go camping again soon. Minus the 7435234523 mile hike..
And we can actually have that Star Wars marathon this time!

But reaaaaaaaaaaaally.
Now go celebrate with your pipe.
But don’t get arrested.

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Took you long enough. ʘ‿ʘ

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@Trillian Never mind I found it! Congrats to überbatman and do not stress that thing about the NJ enforcement, you will be alright!

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Congrats to a great contributer! WTFG!!!! 20K is super-awesome!

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woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo toke up!

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Congrats, uberbatman!

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Here’s to a super jelly with a utility belt full of “suck repelent” – ‘cuz your answers never do.

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@uberbatman, another reason I wanted to help you. You were so close to the castle. I’m pretty sure the castle doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the state of New Jersey so you are safe for now. :-)

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This is so uberbatman! Congrats, dude. You are awesome. ♥

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Way to go dude, solid.

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Good Job! Congrats!

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Holy Fluthers! We have to add another bedroom to the cave!

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Congrats U !!!!!! Have a good one!

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Congratulations Uber!!!

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Congratulations, @uberbatman! You are one of the long-time jellies. Your arrival in the 20k mansion is well-deserved. There are some really cool aquariums here that you can help stock and staff to do the cleaning!

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Congrats on the 20 grand!!

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WEEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Way to go, uberbatman!

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@Trillian ill take that drink anyday. see ya on the other side :P

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Wow, uberbatman, you were one of the first people that I knew here on fluther, I’m honestly surprised you haven’t made it sooner! Congratulations!

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Cheers guanoman! ;-)

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Way to go man. I’m going to eat this tiny little piece of paper in your honor. Here, I brought you one too.

take this brother, may it serve you well

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Awesome! Congratulations!!!

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Congratulations and a hearty Hawaiian “Ho’omaikai!” What a great milestone.

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Ubercongratulations !!!

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Keep on trippin’ in the free world

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This calls for some Tooty Fuckin’ Fruity @uberbatman. Congrats!

(I just broke my rule of not answering these anymore. Oh well. I like ice cream…. and @uber.) :P

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Mazel Tov to you @uberbatman!

You are the – err, uber – err, batman!

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Wooo! Congrats to one of my favorite jellies! You help make Fluther what I love!

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Congratulations! and many more!

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Holy Whoopee! @uberbatman !!!!


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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Woo-hoo! Congrats on getting to 20K and welcome to the castle, @uberbatman!

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Congrats, Awesome!
It’s nice to see you here still.

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@rangerr yeaaaa we will. this time hopefully your heart wont almost go splodey
@chyna awww thanks :) & @mangeons thanks im a bit shocked i didnt get here sooner too lol
@mrmijunte thanks, i hope your right..
@cprevite thanks, i keep it right next to my shark repellent
@lillycoyote thanks again for all your help
@Blondesjon ahhh why thank ya sir. Its always nice to see my old friend lucy :P
@Michael_Huntington thanks shouldnt be much of a problem with everyone in this threads help ^_^
@jonsblond there is no fucking ice cream in your fucking future :P
@MissAnthrope thanky im quite fond of you as well :)
@breedmitch thanks, good to see you still around as well.

Everyone else, THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU !!!!! ^_^

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Frickin’ awesome! You are hilarious and I always enjoy reading your answers. We’ll miss you in the mansion but I hope you have fun up yonder! :)

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The jelly with the awesome musical taste! Well done, @uberbatman, well done!

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A well earned 20k. :) Enjoy the castle view.

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Rave on (safely).

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Holy 20K Batman! Congratulations!!!

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I can see the smoke billowing out of the windows of the castle already!

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Ubergluckwunsche, Herr Uberfledermausmann , good job on the 20K

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This is a hämmästyttävä, amplitudinous, hämmästyttävää, tähtitieteelliset, kunnioitusta herättävä, beatified, outo, rajaton, henkeäsalpaava, valtava, kosminen, pelottava, aavemainen, kohonnut, jalostuu, valtava, josta määrätään korotettu, erinomainen, valtava, galaktinen, jättiläismäinen, jättimäinen , kirkastettu, grand, taivaallinen, arvoisa, valtava, mittaamaton, kuolematon, käyttöönotosta, uskomatonta, ääretön, ylevä, mammutti, massiivinen, mahtava, hirviömäinen, monumentaalinen, vuoristoinen, liikkuvat, salaperäinen, suuri, ihmeellinen, sekoittaen, upea, huumaavia, mahtava , ylevää, loistava, perinteikäs, titanic, valtava, uskomatonta, käsittämätön, uskomaton, kunnianarvoisa accomplishment !

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Thank You, Danke, and Kiitos

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