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Guess who's cruising through the ranks, right to 20k?

Asked by mangeons (12198points) October 13th, 2010

Yep, he’s done it again! Our very own Cruiser has reached the 20k milestone!

With his kind personality, witty answers, and great knowledge, he’s had no trouble achieving 20k status quickly, and it’s well deserved!

Congratulations to a great member of the community!

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Congratulations Cruiser!!

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Big congrats to you, @Cruiser!

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w00p! w00p! w00p! Sound the alarm! Bang the gong! Blow the horns!

Congratulations!! and a loud Hawaiian “Ho’omaikai!”

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Congratulations, @Cruiser! Well-deserved!

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Cruise on up to the bar, dude. Have a margarita. Hell, have three.

Congrats on making 20K, Cruiser!

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Congrats Cruiser!

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Congratulations, scout! :)

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Wow! There you are! Good job!

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Nice one

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Thanks everybody!! Looks like I won’t get my work finished!! Woo HOO!

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Thank you @Seaofclouds!!
A big Thank you to you @TheOnlyNeffie!
Hola and thank you @hawaii_jake!
@marinelife Thank you too!

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Congratulations, man! Always rocking, and rocking hard. Keep on lurvin’!

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Wow, congratulations!

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Yea Cruiser! Congratulations!

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Yay! Congrats to a really swell guy!

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Yeehaw! Congrats.

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@Cruiser—Dale, Trigger and me relay our heartiest congratulations on your impressive numerical achievement.

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Nice job Mr. Cruiser!!

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Wow!! Look at all the Partying Jellies!!
@Thanks for the Margarita @aprilsimnel make mine a virgin still at work!!
Thanks @Dog
@Vunessuh always a pleasure and thanks for bumping me up into the Mansion!
@JilltheTooth Thank you my friend!
Thank you my far away friend @zen_
tHaNk yOu @sakura!!
@Aster I think you are a beautiful person too!! Thank you!

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Yay! @Cruiser !!!
You are absolutely one of my favorite Flutherers!

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Great job Cruiser, congratulations!!!!!!!!

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Your hard work & dedication on the Lurve stock market has paid off. The bell rang to close out the day & you topped off at 20,000. All you had to trade with, was your words. Lucky for you those things yield high returns. Your 20,000 marks of lurve are nonrefundable, non-tradable & are worthless outside the stock market. So just keep them in a zero interest, off shore lurve bank vault. When ever you are feeling a little down in the dumps, visit that vault & dive into it, like Scrooge McDuck. Congratulations, Cruiser.

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Congratulations! :)

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Wow – you go to work and you miss some of the party!

Mazel Tov @Cruiser – you are an officer and a gentleman, or at least a gentleman. It is a pleasure to have you to disagree with politically and agree with on most other things.

Live long and prosper!

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Can I have some cake, now, please?

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^^^^ that was really nice of you, Lucy. (;

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@Aster I can kick his ass some other time XD

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And pretty cool too. @Cruiser , you are the man!

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you comb the night ‘cause you’re a cruiser
and ya you never get enough
when you’re cruisin’ down the street
and takin’ off the heat
when you’re on the moonlight run

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I wrote a song for you:

Your name is Cruiser
You’re not a loser
You are so cooooooool
Oh yeah you rulllleeee
Oh yeah you’re smart
You’re not a tart
You are a jelly
and a really cool felly you know like, fellow, only.. felly.

Okay so my song sucks but CONGRATS ANYWAY.

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A hearty Congrats! to one of my favorite jellies. Great job, @Cruiser!

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@erichw1504 Rockin as hard as I can!! Thanks!!
@syz WOW is right! WOW Thanks!! WOW! :))
Thanks @chyna !
Thanks @liminal So nice of you to say!!
Huggs to my favortie Canuk @mama_cakes!
Thanks for the Hearty congrats @Austinlad !
Thanks Mr. @cprevite!
Thanks so much @wilma you are one on my fav list too!

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Well Done!!!

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CONGRATS Mr. Cruiser !!!

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Yo cruiser, congrats to ya!

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@Cruiser wow! It didn’t take very long to cruise to 20k! Congrats to you and keep on cruising.

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Cuil duide!

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well, well, and well…Mr. C has moved to the penthouse in the mansion. Congrats my friend…we don’t always agree on “things,” but i do respect you and the way you handle yourself day to day! You are a good member of the community.

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Congratulations! Just keep on Cruisin’

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Thanks @OreetCocker Nice ride there we have to go Cruisin some time!
@rpmpseudonym Thanks! With those kind of returns you can be my broker for sure!
Thank you @Simone_De_Beauvoir!
Thanks@janbb you are one of my favs as well & we do agree on most everything too!
Thanks for showing up @JilltheTooth and I think I can get you a whole just for you!

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Hey @ChazMaz I think you are pretty awesome too! Thanks bro!

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@lucillelucillelucille Thanks for the great tune and here is a request just for you! ;)

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“Riding along in my automobile…
My baby beside me at the wheel…
Cruisin’ and playin’ the radio…
No particular place to go!!!!”

Congrats @Cruiser!

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Congratulations fellow tent appreciator! It’s been a well-contributed 100 lurve to your Fluther bank account.

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Congratulations, @Cruiser!

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Congratulations on the milestone, @Cruiser :)

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Wow!!! Congrats, Cruiser….

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Yes!!! Congrats to one of the very entertaining jellies! WTFG!

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Congratulations Cruiser!

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Wow!! Congrats to an awesome Jelly!!!!!!

Cruiser's avatar

I LOVE IT!! The Party is just getting started!!

Got to throw some Stevie on for @mrentropy who hailing from Austin you ought to feel his groove!
@chels you poem has made me a Happy Boy Thank you!
@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Thank you sir and as long as I have been here I have yet to see you private facilities…maybe its best we keep it that way! XD
@Lightlyseared Thank you and make mine well done!
@bvdshec17 Even though Dr. J says we have nothing in common you have a wild avatar…thanks!
Yo @rooeytoo! Thank you so much!
@shego Yep it went by quick, having it in high gear helps!
Thank yuio @rebbel

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@BoBo1946 Thank you my friend and wanted to say a special thanks to one of the nicest Jellies I know! :))

Cruiser's avatar

@lucillelucillelucille No…that’s VooWoo Woman! ;)

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Congratulations Cruiser. I hope I’m not to late for the Lobster drumsticks!

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Hey Cruiser

Congrats on the 20k Cruise!

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Way to go!

You’re on my top 10 list for really nice peeps in the fluther zone!

Dance with your bunny! ;-)

Response moderated
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Keep right on Cruising, @Cruiser. Very well done.

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Ok, sheesh, I won’t do that, mods. Fine. Like ohmigawd.

Happy 20k, in the most boring way possible. Bleh…

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Way to flip that odometer, @Cruiser! Keep ‘er between the ditches!

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Happy 20K day, Mr. Cruise. You are one of my favorite jellies here. CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!

(And just for the record I don’t believe those stories about Katie being a prisoner in her own house.)

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I’m so late! Congrats, Cruiser! Welcome to the club. :D

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Time to WAKE UP and get this party re-started!!
Thank you @lillycoyote you can go cruisin with me anytime!
Thanks @Likeradar you can go cruisin too but you will have to peddle fast to keep up! ;)
@harple My passion for music rests in Steve Morse’s Guitar Playing
Big thank you for the lots of lurve there @Pied_Pfeffer!!
Thank you @xxii
Hi @muppetish and thanks for stoppin by!!
Thank you @pearls wow is right! :)
Thanks @filmfann very much appreciated!
Thank you @weeveeship Time to transform and get the day going!!
Thank you @MissAusten! Amazing how you get that butterfly to stay put all this time!

MissAusten's avatar

@Cruiser We shot it with a very tiny tranquilizer dart.

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Late again. Sorry, I’ve been out a lot. Congratulations! I guess I’ll just help scrape food off the walls and run the carpet cleaner through here….

Cruiser's avatar

Now that @Trillian has offered to help clean up I will take the time to thank the others here too….
@AmWiser Lobster drumsticks are my new favorite and thanks for creating them!
Hey @worriedguy thanks there sir!
My favorite “dudette” @Coloma Thank you and I shall and give your goose a twirl or two on the dance floor as well!
@ETpro Thank you sir and see you in the political ring soon I am sure!! ;))
WTG @Fred931 Never thought one could get modded at a lurve party but you did!! Nice one!! XD
T h a n k Y o u !! @YARNLADY
Peddle to the metal here @kevbo Thanks!
Thanks for the kind words @AstroChuck coming from a senior member means a lot!
@augustlan Thanks for allowing me in here Augie!
Hey @Trillian good to see you made it!! We had huge chocolate sheet-cake but it disappeared the minute @lucillelucillelucille showed up! ;)

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Congratulations Cruiser, it’s good to see you make it to 20K! Enjoy the party…cheers!!

Cruiser's avatar

Thank you @forestGeek It has been fun!

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What a great guy that would take the time to respond to everyone’s posts.

AstroChuck's avatar

Thank you.

AstroChuck's avatar

I’m sorry. You were talking about @mangeons, weren’t you.

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Goes both ways there @pearls as it takes a fine lady to take the time to make her presence! Thank you for stopping by!

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All work and no play makes Bee a dull buzz, but wow, belated Congratulations!

Cruiser's avatar

@Neizvestnaya Never too late for a Cruiser party! Thank you for coming by!

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Congrats to a fellow Illinoisan and outdoor lover! Very well deserved. :D

Cruiser's avatar

Thanks @jonsblond! Judging by your blue tan you must live a tad too close to the power gen plant down there!

Aethelwine's avatar

Haha…. it’s the water. You should see the frogs!

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@Cruiser I am late to this party but I am enthusiastic! You have a great attitude! I learned to be more tolerant and patient on Fluther from you. I was kind of a dick sometimes, I think I’m more helpful now, thanks to YOU!

Cruiser's avatar

@jonsblond I loved froggin as a kid but to see big ol blue ones would have me finding a new hobby!! Time to find a bottled water service there!! XD!

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@jaytkay Late is totally fine by me!! BTW, thanks for the kind words and the check is in the mail as promised!! XD

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