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Ok.. This is really a question. Look inside for details.

Asked by jrpowell (40499points) April 1st, 2008

Does anyone know how to disable the audio for Flash in Firefox. I am playing a Flash game that doesn’t allow turning off the sound. I would also like to watch a movie on my second monitor using VLC. But the annoying audio from the game is driving me nuts.

I have tried Google and have only found solutions for Windows.

OS X 10.5.2 and Firefox

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Have you looked at flashblock?

Notice that was still a question? :-)

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I have it installed. I want Flash to play, just without any audio.

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How do you know when to email a Flash game developer when they totally drop the ball and don’t include a very simple mechanism to modify sound output?

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What’s the game?

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Somebody at this site reckons they know how, can’t vouch for it though. This is what they said:

“1. Shut down mozilla/firefox and find “” in your plugins dir.

2. Edit this with a binary editor, something like “hexlify-find-file” in EMACS.

3. Look for the string “/dev/dsp” and change it to “/xxx/xxx” – now it can’t open the sound device.

4. Save!”


For the record, if people using Vista have the same problem, just click on the volume icon next to the clock, then click “Mixer”. You can then turn down or mute the volume from certain applications, like Firefox.

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I’ve also found this, not sure if it will help or not

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Here is my simpler take on things. Just download the flv/swf file and open it up with a media player that supports flash, like k-lite or vlc (?) and then turn the volume down on the player.

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