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Why doesn't Firefox 3 catch the links I click in other apps?

Asked by benseven (3184points) October 21st, 2008

When I click on a link in Twhirl (Adobe Air Twiter client) or Adium (instant messaging app), it brings a Firefox window up but doesn’t load the URL. I’m getting sick of copy and paste! Anyone else had this problem / know of a solution?

FF 3.03 on OS X Leopard.5.

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Download Firefox 3 again, drag the current Firefox 3 application into the trash, then drag the newly downloaded Firefox 3 application into your applications folder. That might do the trick. You wont loose your bookmarks, historys and settings as these are stored in a different place.

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Thanks dude, but that didn’t work.

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Open safari and go to preferences, there should be a drop down list for the default browser, change it to safari, then close safari, open it again and change it to firefox again. That should do it, otherwise your best bet might be the firefox fprumsvat

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Works now for links from Adium – I think it must be Twhirl that’s broken. Thanks!!

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no problem, and i meant “forums at” in my previous post. damn iPhone correcting stuff…

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