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Mac app similar to dbPowerAmp?

Asked by HeNkiSdaBro (392points) October 15th, 2008

Looking for a program for the mac where I can convert all possible file formats (or like dbPowerAmp chosen ones) and choose bit depth, bit speed, quality and sampling rate.
Basically I need to batch convert a lot of small sounds files and loops to a given format, preferably .wav, 16-bit, 44.1kHz for my Roland SPD-S drum sample pad.

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Max. I don’t know much about this app. I just remember reading some of its website a long, long time ago. Maybe it’ll work.

I can also ask my roommate what he uses for his MPC.

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Try Soundhack

A former professor of mine created it…I’ve used it for batch processing and it’s great. I think it’s still freeware.

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My roommate uses Sound Forge.

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I just tried MAX and it totally worked without problems. Super fast and very convenient! Soundhack is probably as good! Thanks you both a lot. My hat’s off!

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Cool. Maybe I’ll have to try Max sometime, then. :-)

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@aidje: even though I am a total Mac Fascist, I have to admit that I love Sound Forge. I really wish that someone would come out with an app for Mac that beats the hell out of SF. I have used BIAS Peak and Audacity, but neither of them are as good.

And therefore I will always have to have a Win emu on my Mac. (grrr)

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How come SoundForge is the weapon of choice? Have you tried Steinberg WaveLab? Or does that neither compare to SoundForge in your opinion?

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@HeNkiSdaBro: I like Wavelab too and used it along side of SF when I first discovered them both waaay back like 10 years ago. Steinberg Cubase was da bomb before they essentially stopped really coding for OS X like they did for OS 9 and earlier. I always had Wavelab there to do stuff but just got really into SF instead. It helped that Acid was there and could be integrated nicely, since they were from the same vendor. Oh and just to note (and I hate to say it but it’s true), Acid kicks Garageband’s ASS. Logic is good for looping stuff, but I still prefer Acid to anything for Apple machines, just as I do SF over other sound editors.

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