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If you or hear the word "mundo", what does it bring to your awareness?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) October 25th, 2010

What does it mean to you?
What does it remind you of?
What does it inspire you to imagine?

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A fun Mexican restaurant my brother took me to in Louisville.

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Bart Simpson.

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‘Dos Mundos” – The Spanish language text at my school.

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My neighbor called Raymundo. Or world. Or Telemundo

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Around here, the Hispanic population is so small that if you hear ‘mundo,’ it’s very likely coming from somebody who’s stretching his high school Spanish, perhaps in an effort to seem more cosmopolitan.

@mrmijunte I’ve got a neighbor named Raimondo. Imagine the odds.

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@Nullo You have entered “The Paisa Zone” dun, dun, dun!

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World—I think of telemundo, then my brain checks itself for menudo, then I regroup and think “world.”

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I think of WB Yeats; ”...hardly are those words out when a vast image of Spiritus Mundi troubles my sight.”

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Sammichs. There is a place on campus called mundo subs

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The first day of a long work week.

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One of the Italian words for ‘garbage’ is ‘immondizia,’ It doesn’t seem to actually be related to ‘mondo,’ ‘mundo,’ or even ‘mundus,’ but I always thought that it sounded like you could translate it as “not of this world,” with the strong implication that it really ought to be festering in Hell.

Fun language, Italian.

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Reminds me of the spanish word for “world”: el mundo.

It also reminds me of my spanish teacher at school, and the mobile classroom we worked in with its various posters and two-seated tables. It reminds me of the person I sat next to, all the vocabulary tests we had, and the classes after school just after P.E.

As for inspiration, it does not inspire me. I did okay at spanish but don’t really have any interest to continue with it to become fluent.

Not sure if that is what you wanted as an answer.

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It makes me think of Mondos, those sugar water drinks I loved when I was a kid,
the twist off caps turn into whistles!

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@boxer3 and stick to your tongue :P

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In my part of the world “mundo” means large/big/enormous.

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I thought it meant all or everything.

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exacto! my mom used to always say “exacto mundo!”

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@uberbatman, hahaha exactly- I don’t really know what was so appealing about them, but I know I loved them :]

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@boxer3 because as a child, these little things in life, are the shit! lol

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@Samantha_Rae I’ll bet your mom used to watch Happy Days. The Fonz used to say that.

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@Trillian Think it might have been common at one time. I say it too and didn’t particuarly watch Happy Days.

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@Trillian : haha noo that’s so funny, i always assumed she made it up. i’m gonna ask her!

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