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Does anyone have experience with the Bobble water bottle?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) October 25th, 2010

I’m thinking about buying one of these, but I’m concerned about two things. Firstly, the cost of replacement filters – I know it will be less than buying bottled water, but the main concern is shipping and handling costs from the supplier – how often have you changed the filter?

Second, is the filter actually effective? I know that it’s no good for undrinkable water, but does it improve the taste/clarity of tap water to the point where it’s worth paying for the filters?

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I’ve looked into these kind of things, not this one in particular, but similar ones and it just didn’t seem worth it to me. I either buy spring water in the 2.5 gallon containers, the ones with the little spout, at the supermarket or use my Brita. I refill bottles or my own containers from one of those sources. The only time I ever buy smaller bottled waters is when I’m out and haven’t brought my own with me.

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Research says that you change the filter about one time per two months.

“Each bottle is about 10$ and the shipping was 20$ for 12 bottles (I bought directly from them). With my discount, my friends and I only paid 8$ a bottle in total.”

It looks pretty gimmicky. The business about “removing organic contaminants from municipal tap water” with the use of “carbon filters” is, AFAIK, already done at the municipal level as part of the filtration system.

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So I bought one just for curiosity’s sake. From the first day with it I can say that it’s definitely making an improvement to water quality and taste, but the bottle itself is pretty cheap and crappy feeling. The top doesn’t feel 100% water tight either which is a worry…

I am pretty pleased with it nonetheless. It was $12 US before tax at American Apparel.

I should mention that my main interest in it is because I’m travelling and going between different municipal tap water supplies messes with my guts! Hopefully this will be a good middle ground between tap water and distilled water.

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@bluemukaki Distilled water is narsty.

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