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Why are there clone troopers in The Old Republic trailer if they shouldnt exist for another 3621 years?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34610points) October 26th, 2010

Ok so I may be just assuming theyre clones because you can only see one persons face, but that guy looks a hell of a lot like the other clones from the clone wars era. Even their armor looks identical.

Now, the Old Republic game takes place 3,653 BBY but, the clones werent ordered to be created by Sifo-Dyas on Kamino for another 3621 years in 32BBY.

Am I missing something somewhere in star wars history that explains this?

The only possible explination I can think of is they’re just other clones of a Mandalorian since they were active at this time as well which would explain why the armor looks similar, but I dont know, that guys face just looks too alike.

/nerd rant

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Fear not, these aren’t clone troopers.
The armor resembles several pieces from Knights of the Old Republic. The similarities I would chalk up as a case of form following function, or else a case of lazy design staff.
No explanation for the guy, really, though he doesn’t look exactly like Fett, or sound like him.

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Not much technology or style evolution for 3621 years. Those Star Destroyers looked like they’d fit in pretty well in A New Hope, too, except for the hovering in the atmosphere part. Looks kind of gamey and generic to me.

I’m going with Nullo’s “lazy design staff” theory.

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@Zaku i agree with you about the star destroyers too, but I can say from reading a ton of star wars books, there really isnt much tech evolution AT ALL over any great period of time in star wars. its like they hit tech peak a LONG LONG LONG LOOOOOOOOOONG time ago in that galaxy far far away.

its always bothered me as well lol

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The phenomenon is known as Modern Stasis.

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Moves hand infront of face These are not the clones you are looking for. Move along, now.

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I have yet to find an answer. and I’ve been looking since you first asked!

I’ve asked a few other people, and they aren’t sure either.. looks like they are going to have to expand the EU quite a bit more..
Best explanation is that the the Kaminoans wanted a “retro” look.

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@rangerr Doesn’t KOTOR predate AOTC?

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@uberbatman The tech stasis would be more interesting if I thought it was intentional rather than lazy. The first trilogy of films seemed to pay a lot of attention to tech developments and style. The Rebels were using old X-Wings (though it was ironic that they seemed to do a pretty good job of kicking modern TIE fighters around), and the Empire vessels got larger and more wicked from film to film.

The reason the Star Destroyers stood out for me was one of the few things like that that looked interesting and cool in the prequel trilogy of films was the Empire starting to build small ships that looked like Star Destroyers, which also evolved a bit.

Seems like not just technological stasis but stylistic stasis as well.

Or, again, laziness… and more desire for brand recognition than for making sense.

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If you think about it, stagnation is followed by innovation, and the designers in-movie were simply caught in a rut. The Empire’s solution to the Rebellion was, quite simply, to add more Star Destroyer. And more Star Destroyer. And then the Super Star Destroyer. And Death Stars, when they had them. That’s why Thrawn is such an refreshing addition.

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im reading “The Last Command” right now. Thrawn is a fucking bad ass.

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