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What is cooler a light saber or the most current Iphone?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) May 29th, 2013

RULES: Light sabers are fictional. However, please disregard that for this question. In a universe where Light Sabers are something you can own without being a Jedi, which is the cooler tech gadget.

Now, we’re not talking about the skill of light saber fencing. Just the mere ownership of the weapon, compared to the ownership of an Iphone 5.

So, again…the only thing coming into our universe for this question will be the light saber. You will not also face android/clone warfare because you own it. Posession of a light saber will be just that. Oh, and everyone else could have one too, at the same contract price as an Iphone 5. It WILL be considered a very dangerous weapon by authorities…so you can’t be running around with your lightsaber turned on…for no good reason.

Noone will be impressed that you have a lightsaber…they’ll be everywhere.

so, given this scenario, which is better gear?

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I have a lightsaber app. On my android. Win.

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A cooler that holds six or seven 6 packs, for the saber party.

I prefer the light saber!

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You can’t find a way home on a light saber. There are no dating apps for light sabers. The light saber doesn’t update your Facebook status.

The only tweet a light saber makes is when it cuts through armor.

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The iPhone. I’d be able to actually use it and do stuff with it. All a light saber would be, in that scenario, is a highly advanced sword. What good does that do anyone? (And it seems to me they’d be at least as, if not more, dangerous to have in the home that a gun.)

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How many megapixels on the light saber camera?

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Light saber.

I have a Droid already, and a light saber would help me rough-cut metal at work, saving lots of time on the milling machine.

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Light Saber by far.

Not only can you use it to get cheese out of a packet, you can use it to melt said cheese on to your sandwich. All while you behead your enemies without spilling a drop of blood, Leaving 100’s of cauterized stumps in your wake.

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Light saber, for cutting and toasting bread at the same time!

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The Tron Disc and Baton rules all.

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I have to be practical and go with the iPhone. I mean while it would be totally awesome to have a light saber, how often does one have the chance to use such a thing? Also, I might be concerned that if I owned something like that I would be tempted to use it. Don’t know what to do at a four way stop? Allow my light saber to show you. Don’t follow the rules of the Mommy Line? Well my light saber can teach you. Is that a full fat latte when I ordered skinny? Mr. Light Saber does not suffer foolish baristas lightly. Too dangerous, too much of a temptation.

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Light saber. However, I have a light saber app on my Android as well. Come on, though, a real light saber would be freaking awesome! With it, I could rule the world!!

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A light saber with an Iphone app could be dangerous however.

Answer the phone and fry your ear off.

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I would use the light sabre to steal the IPhone.

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