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Have you ever thrown away something valuable by accident? If so, what?

Asked by prolificus (6583points) October 26th, 2010

So, I won’t mention any names, but someone at home accidentally threw out the 100-dollar universal remote. It was sitting amidst the Sunday newspaper, and when she bundled up the papers to throw them away, the remote went along for the ride! Monday was trash pick-up day, so there was no way to retrieve the remote. After searching the living room unsuccessfully Monday night, the cleaner-upper realized the remote’s fate and has offered to replace it. The actual event was both funny (for all) and irritating (for the one who has to shell out 100-bucks).

What’s your story?

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My pet rock.

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I guess I threw out a beautiful opal ring. I remember leaving it on my dresser but then it wasn’t. I think I threw it out with Kleenex’s. Loved that ring.

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My parents had gifted me with a birthstone ring when I was in 8th grade. I took it off when I went to eat because we were eating something messy and put it in my paper lunch sack and then forgot and at the end of lunch rolled it up and threw it away. By the time I realized the garbage had been thrown into the bin outside already. And out of fear of what my parents would do….there I stood in the dumpster sorting through bags, sobbing, looking for the ring…which I never found. My parents never let me forget it. I realized years later when I had my own daughters that the ring couldn’t have possibly cost more than 50 dollars. But they made me feel lower than pond scum for loosing it and never bought me another piece of jewelry.
I’ve never lost another piece of jewelry since and wince every time someone says they have lost an earring, necklace or ring of any kind.

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As a waitress at a conference center, I accidentally threw out a customer’s retainer that was wrapped in a napkin. The family left the table, and everything was cleared away. Two co-workers and I spent the hot summer afternoon digging through the disgusting, rat-infested commercial-sized dumpster for that $300 retainer. Thank goodness, one of us found it.

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@Pied_Pfeffer lol so descriptive!

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I had an 8X10 color glossy photo of Elvis Presley that he signed for me in December, 1956.

In 1968, I decided that Elvis had become a very expendable icon for greaser music, so I tossed his pic. :-p

Perhaps some lucky garbage collector found it and eventually bought a Lexus. ;-)

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Things of dads I pawned are gone for good. I so regret it. His gold 1965 company ring with a diamond, a ruby , an emerald and really big. I want that thing back!

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This happened some years ago. I went practically insane when, after finishing unpacking in a new residence, I discovered that a priceless relic was missing. It was the pestle from a bronze mortar and pestle set that my grandmother had used, and her mother before her.

Fortunately, I had put all the boxes in the back yard—at least 25 or 30 of them—and I went through every single one, and the wrapping paper inside. I FOUND IT IN THE LAST BOX!

If someone had handed me a check for a million dollars I wouldn’t have been happier.

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In my restaurant management days, I had to sign a contract stating that for each key that I was given to various things around the store, I was to personally insure for $150. After spilling bleach all over my slacks one night, I had to run to Wal-Mart for a replacement pair. The bleach was burning my legs pretty badly so I just changed in the car, then threw the ruined slacks away at the storefront. With all 13 of my store keys inside. When I went back to dig through the trash at the end of my shift the pants were gone.

My next paycheck, which should have been in the neighborhood of $1300, read VOID. And since I was basically working for free for three weeks, I couldn’t make the payment on my boat, which was repo’d and cost me another 5k.

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@Brian1946 I can’t believe you did that. All I had was an autographed pic of Dick Clark.

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I threw away a good man back in 1979….

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I don’t care how foolish & silly I may sound during this story of mine, because what I accidentally threw away, was the most valuable thing I had ever owned.

In my senior year of high school I took anatomy & physiology. I sat in the back row of tables with two very close friends. I began that class with an empty 3” black, 3-ring binder. By the time I graduated, that binder was so full, it didn’t close properly.

It didn’t just contain my notes from lectures, hand-outs, homework, tests/quizzes/midterm/final, (all of which, my lowest grade was about 90.. I aced my final, thank you very much). This binder held onto every note that was scribbled into the margins from either one of my friends. It held onto every tic-tac-toe game between us three. It held every hangman game, stupid, but funny doodle, one liner jokes, smiley faces, hearts, changed phone numbers, scribbles of gossip about the teacher & other students. In the pockets, it held onto a prize we found in our morning cereal. It held onto a hemp necklace I would never wear. On the cover, slid into the plastic covering, was a drawing all three of us worked on. It was funny, dealt with anatomy & wildly inappropriate. We all loved it. This is just a hint of what was in that binder. It would take me 2 hours a day, 3 days a week, for a school year to tell you everything that was in that binder.

The binder was a time capsule of the greatest time of my 4 years in high school. Years after I graduated, I would flip through it & see if I could still pass that pop quiz. Or see where I went wrong on that last tic-tac-toe game. One time, I was flipping through it & discovered a little scribble of a note that I had never noticed before.

About 2 years ago, I was spring cleaning & found a very large rubbermaid container bin. I opened it up & found all my high school stuff. My binders from each class & old text books I forgot to return. I threw out the chemistry binder & the trigonometry binder. I flipped through the world history binder & that wasn’t worth saving either. I had a trash bag that it was all going in. At the end of the day, the trash had been taken out & I put everything away.

A week or so later, I went to get the binder & I couldn’t find it. I seriously panicked. I emptied every container. I dumped out every drawer. I checked in the attic. I checked the basement. It was gone. I searched for 2 days, before I accepted the fact that my anatomy binder was never to be seen again. I wanted to cry. I was so upset & angry. Every spring cleaning I feel like it will just appear out of nowhere, from a box that I had never thought to check. It never does.

What really aches my heart about this loss, is that I wanted to bring this binder with me to my 10 year high school reunion. My friends knew I kept the binder & they said ‘never lose that thing’. It was more of a joke, in reference to how epic it was in scale to other class related binders. I was looking forward to seeing their reactions at the reunion. I was looking forward to sitting down, in the back row of our anatomy class room & going through every page of that epic scrapbook of our senior year.

Even without the binder, we will still sit in the back row. Check to make sure our names are still carved into the wooden legs of the table. We will look to see if that tiny sticker of a baby chicken is still stuck to the ceiling. And we will never forget the memories of being the three class clowns who, despite all our lecture interruptions, the teachers glares & other students scoffs. We three still had the best grades in the class.

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2 paintings I did for a friend.One on purpose,the other by accident.Hours worth of work…gone.

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The opener for the gate of an exclusive gated community. I was given an opener as a sign of welcoming, that I was accepted there and I threw it away. I was freaking out one day, this was back in my crazy days, I thought that it was controlling the cyborgs that were invading my garage at the time. Yeah, I threw it away I have to be the biggest idiot in the world.

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I threw a cigarette pack away by accident that had 7 grams of cocaine in it when I was younger. What a waste of blow.

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I accidentally tossed out my roommate’s expensive leather satchel. I got him another one that wasn’t as expensive, but he seems to like it better.

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