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Does anyone know of a really tasty lemon pound cake recipe that is NOT high fat?

Asked by Iwaswondering (52points) March 30th, 2007
A lemon yogurt pound cake would be fine or any other variety of lemon pound cake, as long as it doesn't contain a large quantity of butter, margarine, or Crisco.
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By definition, a pound cake has a lb. of butter, at least traditionally. Good luck. How about making the traditional version and eating a skinnier slice?
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Thanks! I was planning to serve it to someone who has to eat heart healthy food, so I can't monitor his intake of fat, but that's still not a bad idea.
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Serve him some fresh organic berries (if you live in the right area) w. a smidgeon of organic yogurt. Or some lemon sherbert. Most of us who eat lo-fat, high veggie, fruit, no animals, etc moniter ourselves rather than put the burden on our hostess. When I am out, I usually eat about 1,2 the meal and explain privately to the cook...the phoney oils and butter sound indeed toxic.
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