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Should I store photos in the cloud, in iphoto, or both?

Asked by rguest (201points) October 27th, 2010

I am trying to decide how to store my photos. I don’t have too many as of now, but want an option for the long term. I havea time capsule with a 500 gb hd, a mobileme account, and a mac with iphoto. I am considering an online cloud storage like smugmug which gives unlimited. My question is what is the best way to store photos? I have a macbook air, so I dont have alot of storage space. I like being able to access my photos at all times, but love the iphoto interface. most of my pictures arent very important to me, but I’d still like to keep them. Many of which are stil on my iphone. Can anyone help me decide what to do here? Is it possible to store in the cloud somewhere and access through iphoto? Thanks for your help!

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Both if you want to have them available, “suspenders and belt” . Remember to sync up on a regular basis, like every time you upload.

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@Tropical_Willie whats suspenders and belt? If I have all my photos in flickr, and only some in iphoto, will I be able to access or import the photos back into iphoto?

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“Suspenders and belt” is keeping you pants up. . . LOL It is redundant support.
I don’t know fast way from flickr, but one at a time.

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Check this out:

1.) Get yourself a Drop Box and store your photos in the photos directory. This will allow you create a URL that you can view your photos at in the browser.

2.) On your home computer point your iphoto to look for pictures in the dropbox photos directory.

Dropbox is a free cloud based service that allows you to access your files via a browser, on your mobile, or on multiple computers.

There is also which sounds sweet but I just discovered it yesterday and haven’t tested it yet so I can’t tell you how it works.

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@mrlaconic that sounds amaZing!! So dropbox is unlimited?? And I could access my photos from anywhere and simultaneously in iPhoto, even though they aren’t actually stored in iPhoto? Or would I have to be on my home network to access the pics from dropbox in iPhoto? And does dropbox have any sort of organizational feature?

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@rguest you get 2GB of space with the free account and you can get up to 6 more GB free by referring your friends. They have have paid plans which you can buy more space.

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@mrlaconic how does it integrate with iPhoto?

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It does not directly integrate but if you setup dropbox on your home computer (its a small application that creates a folder at a location you can select) then you save your photos in that folder and then dropbox will save them in the cloud to all you to access them anywhere. Then you can also tell iphoto to look for your pictures in the same folder.. thus you have solved two problems with one stone.

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@mrlaconic so how does iPhoto look into the dropbox folder? If I store everything in dropbox, will iPhoto see those photos?

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