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Why are 2 computers all of a sudden not detecting iPhone?

Asked by mcbealer (10187points) August 14th, 2010

System: Windows XP (I know, I know)
iPhone: gen. 1

Problem: approximately 3900 pictures stuck on iPhone, which is invisible to both a desktop and a laptop

Weird: it is detected by iTunes

It doesn’t show up under scanners/cameras, and when I open up Corel Photo Album that program can’t detect it’s connected either.

Troubleshooting I’ve tried so far:
– started and stopped the processes Bonjour and Apple Mobile device
– switched to different USB ports, different USB cable
– restarted both computers
– researched apple discussion boards
– googled
– sighed heavily

So, do you have any ideas? Ever have this happen before? Usually I just download the pics using Corel, without any issues. Help…

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An iPhone or iPod touch will not be seen by Windows XP or Windows 7. Apple set things up so that you have to use iTunes to access your Apple product. There were some third-party programs that stopped syncing Apple products after the latest updates, so I am not surprised.

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I have owned the phone for 3 years, and it has never been a problem until now. It’s usually listed as a removable storge device, and I’ve been able to grab pictures directly from there, or via Corel.

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And has it updated any software/firmware recently? As I said, certain things have been removed in the current versions.

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you can jailbreak the OS and use an SSH connection to manually remove the information off the phone. It’s kind of an advanced process. the problem in general is that the operating system may have problems which is not allowing the computer to sync information. It will probably work if you reflash the phone.

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I think it’s a change in the latest iTunes version. How complicated is it to uninstall and reinstall iTunes? Does all of your music have to be reloaded? What happens to purchases that aren’t backed up?

One idea I have is to see if by connecting it to a Mac (without synching it) it’s possible to grab the pictures and save them onto a CD.

Thanks for brainstorming on this with me, please continue to add more comments/suggestions.

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