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Fluther crushes; got any new ones, jellies?

Asked by Jude (32112points) October 28th, 2010

I do. Lucielle The Blonde and Dawg (Dog). Mine change.

Plantonic fluther crush-es..

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No new crushes, just deepening a friendship with an existing crush and moving forward from a different fluther crush.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I am moving forward, as well. :)

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@mama_cakes Very good – yeah, he’ll be much better as a friend.

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Could someone please explain to me what “crush” means in this context?

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FutureMemory and I have discussed our mutual crush towards noelleptc.

That blonde better be me or someone is sleeping on the couch tonight. ;)

I’ve always had a crush on you mama

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir She is still a great friend. She is helping me out a lot with my depression (wee faery).

The blonde :)

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Who doesn’t have a crush on Vunessuh. sigh

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@jonsblond Yeah, I know!

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I’d have to say bob_, Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard, jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities and Symbeline.

Symbeline takes the cake though. Actually, most Canadians take the cake. ;)

@jonsblond @mama_cakes aw, shucks. * blushes * :)

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@wundayatta I would say a deep admiration.

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A third vote for noelleptc.

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I’m crushing on @bob. I just love the little stick legs, the round head with no neck. The unassumming body posture. And the fact that he can type with no hands. Awesome!!
And he has made it to 10k

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Still the same ones. They know who they are.

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Yes, it’s you, jonsblond. :)

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No new crushes. Still the same ones as before. Inappropriate crushes on young jellies, jeffgoldblumprivatefacilities among others, the married dudes @robmandu and @kevbo, a couple girl crushes.. that’s about it

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No one new, but I have had a crush on Lucille since AB…..crush her like a bug on the golf course that is!! XD

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My heart is true; stupid fucking heart.

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I do have a new crush on a certain Brit who loves films and questions about films… My long-standing crushes are not as active as they once were. Sigh…

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I’m on a ladder looking in his bedroom window right now,singing away
Why does he point that gun at me??? Why?? Why??? Wh

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I have a crush on all of you… Ladies. ;-)

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I’m at the bottom of @lucillelucillelucille‘s ladder… trying to keep my eyes down.

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I am not around enough anymore to have developed any new crushes. Besides, I am too shy to say much about such things, but I don’t imagine the adoration I have for a few jellies ever changing.

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@liminal I have some for you. I think that you’re wonderful.

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@liminal You definitely have a fan club here!

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Indeed, and it seems like they’re all here ^. :)

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@mama_cakes and @janbb that is very sweet stuff to here on day like I am having today <soft smile>. I’m proud to say that you are in my few.

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Me? Is it me @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities? I hope, I hope, I hope.

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Hey, @mama_cakes, @jonsblond, look that way! * throws sleeping gas at them while they look away *

@Vunessuh How you doin’?

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I don’t have any new crushes, in fact I despise you all.

Ecxept @Vunessuh. And it isn’t a crush, I’m madly in love.

This probably looks like a joke, but I have feelings too. ^^

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@Symbeline I have a camera, too.

And please don’t despise me XD

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@bob_ You know I don’t. I act all tough, but I’m not. ’‘cuddles’’ :D

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Sexy vampire Dr. J.
We are going skating later and I’m gonna try to hold his tentacccccccle.

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Fluther cuddles? Fluther orgy? I’m in. ;)

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Orgy? I’m in too!

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I’m lame. I’d be happy with a pillow fight and a little tickling.

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@jonsblond I’m down for that, too.

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Orgy? Pillow fights? I’m in!

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