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My ipod froze......What do I do?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) October 28th, 2010

okay so I have a 8GB Ipod and it just froze on me!! DAMMIT! What do I do? It’s an Ipod nano, but not the new one with the camera, the older one. What do I do!? I can’t go without my music…. I feel so cold when I don’t….

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There should be a small pinhole on the side somewhere, take a tack or tooth pick and stick it in there to reboot.

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^ i didn’t know you could reboot it. when mine freezes i just give up and let it die, then plug it in and its fine.

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Can’t you just hold down both buttons till it reboots?

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@Dog That very well may work. I don’t own an ipod, but every other mp3 player brand I’ve owned (zen, zune, philips) had the pinhole option.

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I don’t have an iPod either but that is how the iPhone and iPad reboot.

Vincent do you have your tunes back yet?

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It’s pretty easy to reboot.

Hold down the menu button and the center of the clickwheel.
Just make sure it isn’t locked at the time.

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@fireside has the answer. The little switch on the top should be turned to lock, then unlock. Then hold down the menu and center buttons on the clickwheel until you see the Apple logo. And make sure the battery is fully charged. I spent 10 minutes fiddling with my wife’s Nano the other day before I realized the battery was drained.

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Just hold down the menu and the center button together at the same time. This happens to me all the time.

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Charge it on your computer, or do what @Thesexier said

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Let the battery run completely down, and then recharge it. Also, iPods are designed to last only four years.

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My friend has an i-pod that freezes on him constantly, really all you can do is let the battery run down and then start it again.

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