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Which time zone has the most jellies?

Asked by prolificus (6583points) October 30th, 2010 from iPhone

I know we are spread out all over the place, but I’m curious to learn which area has the highest jelly population.

I’m in the Central Time Zone. You?

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I made a map

The map is opt-in. So while the locations are accurate the frequency isn’t.

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I’m in the Pacific TZ.
I think the Eastern TZ has the most jellies.

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Eastern Time Zone

Thanks @johnpowell

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If the patterns of activity are any measure, it’s got to be Eastern Time Zone. The site seems busiest when it is EST pre-work, lunch, and post-work hours. (I’m in CST).

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Twilight zone!

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I’m in the Eastern time zone.

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GMT for me, firmly in the minority. At least on here that is.

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Sounds like it’s Eastern Time, seeing that Smucker’s headquarters is in Ohio. and K-Y is made in New Jersey. And although Jelly Roll Morton was born in New Orleans he lived most of his live on the east coast.
Btw, I’m in the correct time zone. (That’s Pacific.)

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Mountain Time Zone in Canada.

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I’m in the central time zone (for now), but like others have said, it seems like Eastern has the most according to the map @johnpowell made.

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SF will be gaining two more jellies after the New Year!

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Yes, seems to be fewer west coasters.
Pacific time here.

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GMT… well, GMT +1 for just another few hours…........

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@chels Is this an attempt to tell us that you are pregnant with twins?

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@Pied_Pfeffer BAHAHAHAH No! @richardhenry and I are moving there!

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BST yesterday, GMT today :-)

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