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What are some cheap, last minute Halloween costume ideas?

Asked by Harrow185 (298points) October 30th, 2010

I want to go as something that I could just wear normal clothes but have a twist with them. For example; going as a nerd or a geek, because all it involves is a button up with a tie. I have no time to go out and get a costume, so I was thinking of making something at my house. Costumes along the lines of a nerd, ninja..etc. I want something original. Be creative! Thank you very much for your ideas! :)

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Go as a hobo. Old clothes, old hat, belongings tied up in a hanky that is carried on a stick.

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Wear bluejeans and a white T-shirt with Fe written on it in sharpie. If anyone asks what you are supposed to be, tell them you are Iron Man.

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Identity Crisis: Wear regular clothes with a bunch of “Hello my name is” name tags with different names on them

Ceiling Fan: Shirt that says “GO CEILINGS!” and a big foam finger

Road: Completely black clothing with yellow duct tape going down the center of you, and glue match box cars to yourself

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@sakura, danke schon.

@CrazyRedHead, has some pretty good ideas too.

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Floor of a movie theatre: Red Clothing, smashed cups, and popcorn all over you

I have been all of these things, and they have all turned out really well =]

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Haha, these are all great ideas, exactly what I was looking for

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@Harrow185 I enjoy cheap and easy haha

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard bitte sehr!
hahah @CrazyRedHead you were answering as I was love your ideas too!!

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Wear your suit and tie…throw some dirt on your face…paint on a scrape and a bruise and go as Mayhem from the Allstate Commercials.

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@Cruiser I like that one a lot haha

Nudist on strike is REALLY easy!: Wear you’re regular clothes and then carry a sign that says nudist on strike!

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Static Cling: Wear a sweat suit with socks, underwear, slips, bra, hankie, etc. attached to it by thread or pin.

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As I said yesterday when I answered someone’s question, go as Hannibal Lecter. Make the mask yourself!

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@Pied_Pfeffer my friend went as that, it was a lot of fun! haha

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Joachim Phoenix?

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@CrazyRedHead That is what I will be dressed as greeting the kids tomorrow!

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Chilean miner

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Go as an invisible person. Wave your hand in front of your face and say “you can’t see me.”

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Rip up some old clothes, have runny makeup and go as a zombie lol

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Bunch of grapes: Blow up a bunch of purple balloons and pin the tied—off ends to your clothes. Get some really good hair product and slick your hair straight up into a stem, then spray it green with some of that temporary halloween hairspray.

Umbrella Bat They explain it better than I do, but basically, start with a black umbrella and hoodie. Remove the handle from the umbrella and cut the rest of the umbrella in half, then sew it to the hoodie to make wings. I went as this last year.

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