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What do you think about a wedding dress Halloween costume for young children?

Asked by JLeslie (65476points) October 27th, 2019 from iPhone

There was an uproar about wedding dress costumes for young children, here is a link to the article.

Some people are arguing it’s inappropriate and offensive considering the child bride problems in the world, and also some say it’s grooming girls to think being a bride is the end all be all goal, and encourages young adult marriages that might be hasty.

People are requesting stores don’t carry the costume.

It reminded me of when I once offered my wedding dress to my niece for a Halloween party and her mother immediately said “no” in a loud tone that indicates she was not happy with the idea at all. My niece was a teenager.

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A lot ado about nothing.
I was dressed as an astronaut, floating in a vast vacuum, when I was a boy.
Now I’m a grown-up.
Never made it to space.

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It’s fine.

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Are you equally offended about baby dolls for young girls?

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I agree, much ado about nothing.

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It’s only an issue if someone makes an issue out of it.
If a kid dresses like a ghost are they promoting after life? If a child dresses like Freddie Kruger are they promoting monster killers? The same thing with dressing as a Disney Princess. Most women will never be a real princess.

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@chyna I believe they are promoting white after Labor Day.

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If it offends someone, they shouldn’t do it. If it really bothers them, talk about it, raise awareness. Trying to get the practice banned seems like a waste of energy, it just ain’t gonna happen.

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To me, if the little girl wants to be a bride, let her be a bride. It’s a huge leap from a little girl wanting to be a bride for Halloween to child bride problems in the world.

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I think that people get riled up for the dumbest reasons.
I wore my mother’s dress for Halloween. I ghouled my face & hair up and was good to go.
As an adult that would have been amusing to show up for my first date with my future husband (it was Halloween) wearing that. LOL!

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I guess they could go as “Bridezilla” ;)

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I tend to agree thats its inappropriate.

At least if its a teen, she can make her own choices, but I would have a talk with her as well in regards to womens issues and why it makes me uncomfortable.

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Little kids in wedding gowns creep me out. Though to be fair, Disney Princess stuff creeps me out too. LOL

I wouldn’t care if a store sold a costume though. To each their own.

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Sounds like people are working real hard to find things to be offended by.

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Women are getting a bit too powerful. Now they want jobs and to be able to wear shoes in the kitchen. They must be forced from the youngest possible age to remember that their role is first and foremost a future bride.

A few decades ago I was talking to my moms sister about being a female in Allentown, Pennsylvania in the early 60’s. One thing that struck me was she said that she had pretty much been told to find a man to take care of her in high school. If that didn’t work out her options were nursing, or teaching. She ended up going into the Air Force.

So that led me to look up when women were allowed in the Air Force. This is Bonkers.

Women in the Air Force (WAF) was a program which served to bring women into limited roles in the United States Air Force. WAF was formed in 1948 when President Truman signed the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act, allowing women to serve directly in the military.[1] The WAF program ended in 1976 when women were accepted into the USAF on an equal basis with men.

Fucking seriously. 1976 to get equal treatment. I was born just a few years later. It is like when I learned that there were “colored bubblers” in my moms elementary school. Insanity.

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@johnpowell Next thing you know they want equal pay…

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The horror

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Fundamentally I have no problem with the wedding dress costume, as I said I offered it to me niece 10–15 years ago.

Little girls wear wedding dresses for first communion, and that always was a little weird to me, it’s less weird for Halloween.

I saw the story mentioned on The View, and they also brought up first communion. Two of them, who are Catholic, felt it does kind of groom girls to get married if there is constant messaging, and the Halloween costume can be another reinforcer. They weren’t talking about child brides, but just the messaging that you should get married, and then it might mean marriage will happen at a younger age, like early 20’s.

By the way, my niece is extremely apprehensive about marriage. I’m sure some of that is from her mom’s constant verbal messaging against her getting married. Her mom also has been through two divorces. My niece did wear the communion dress though. Her mom tried to get her into a simple white dress, but her daughter really wanted the whole princess bride thing back then.

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Sorry for the tangent. But I have 18 year old girls trapped upstairs until they finish cleaning the kitchen. I’m babysitting my sisters twins and they had a house party last night. Gotta clean up the place before I give them their car keys. Collecting the car keys was originally just so I could make sure they didn’t drive drunk. Also a great hostage to make sure they clean up their mess.

But I ran up and asked them when same sex marriage was legalized on a Federal level. They said they didn’t know it was never not legal. 2015 in Obergefell v. Hodges. So not that long ago.

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That sounds like quite the lively household you’ve got there! As for the wedding dress Halloween costume for young children, it’s definitely an adorable and creative idea.

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