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Ways to capture TV video?

Asked by fortris (683points) April 2nd, 2008

For machinima, and for regular TV. Good quality.

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Umm, ON YOUR COMPUTER? A dvr isn’t magic. It can’t record xbox, and even if it could, it can’t pt it on your computer.

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Ummm you didn’t say anything about xbox OR your computer, you said “regular tv” and your tag said tv also!
and you could use a DVD-R to record anything that is on the screen of your tv, and then put the DVD in your computer and save it.
If your going to ask a question you should include the correct details

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Machinima is most likely a gaming console. I wouldn’t say TV if it was for a pc game. And I can’t use a DVD-R because I need more precise recordings, and not having to keep buying dvds!

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Then I suggest you sell the xbox and upgrade to the PS3, i can record parts of my games and upload them to the playstation network. PS3 kicks xbox a$$

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Most DVRs can hook up to the computer, so you can transfer between the DVR’s hard drive and your computer’s hard drive. And DVRs can definitely capture your XBox, just plug the XBox’s cables into the DVR instead of the TV and put the DVR to AV mode.

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Umm, PS3 doesn’t have Halo 3 which is the ONLY good machinima game. It also only hs 10 good games (original). and thank you jonno, but what cables do I et to put it on my computer?

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Halo 3 sucks, even Americas Army (pc and xbox versions) are better than halo 3,
and I TOLD you a DVR would work but you didn’t want to believe me HA!
thank you jonno!

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Well, it would depend on the type of DVR. I know that my DVR has a way to connect to a computer, but I’ve never tried it so I don’t know what cables it needs. It might possible be able to be done with a USB cord.

You can also, and this would be probably a more quicker way, connect the XBox straight to the computer (with the same cables you use to connect it to the TV), and capture it directly. You might need special hardware or a type of video card to be able to do this, though I’ve seen for a sale a simple hardware that converts the Yellow-White-Red cable (that goes in the TV) into a USB plug, which you can then plug into any computer.

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TV tuner cards can be used.

Most of them come with software for recording the video that the TV tuner card receives.

See also Digital Cable Tuners.

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@cheeb: Halo3 sucks?!?

Them’s fightin’ words varmint! (lobbing a plasma grenade)

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