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Have you purchased any "as seen on tv" products that you actually liked and were worth buying?

Asked by Kelly27 (1501points) April 6th, 2009

I know many of them are just junk but I wonder if some of them really are as great as they are advertised to be.

For example, I was looking at the shamwow the other day and wondered how well they actually work.

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The shamwow is a sham (wow!). Nads sucked too back when it had ads. I’m holding out hope for the slapchop.

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I actually really like the Magic Bullet Blender.

Just “Magic Bullet” by itself sounds like a certain female play toy

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@Likeradar I saw the slapchop the other day on an infomercial and it did look pretty handy…..if it really works that good.
So you tried the shamwow and it didn’t work well at all?

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@MrMontpetit I haven’t seen the magic bullet blender, what’s the story with this gadget?

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@Kelly27 It’s pretty much an expensive dish rag.

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I tried one of those ab achines but it seems they can’t hold up when used against abs carved form solid granite…. so it broke.
I don’t think i’ll buy again.

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My sweetie bought one of those remote light switches (I haven’t seen the commercial so I don’t know the snazzy marketing name). I believe he bought it from an Amazon vendor, and it works really well.

He marvels over how they can even afford to sell them. Free shipping, $9.95 for the product, and batteries were included!

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Carpet cleaner unsure of the name , it is the one with the foam applicator brush used for stains and smells . I can officially say it doesn’t work and was a waste of money .

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I’ve bought the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts and the Johnny Carson Video Collection. Between the wife and I, we’ve also bought Mighty Putty, the Steam Buddy, and a few other items as well. It’s all great stuff that usually doesn’t leave the shelf it’s on or closet it’s in.

For a complete list of what you can buy check out this website. And if you act now, within the next 5 minutes, you can view a second website for free.

But don’t take my word for it… take it away George.

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The Sham Wow thing was shown on GMA that it does not perform like good old Vince says it does. They did the same carpet test & it failed miserably. The Slap Chop may be okay. I have one just like it made by Pampered Chef, & it does a great job.

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CLR works really well.

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Click & Lock storage boxes seen them on tv went and bought them they are the best .
On a different note i bought a few water bottles due to the information from people on this site . they were worth the money and worked better than i thought

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That epoxy that the guy with the beard sells (how’s THAT for a description?). It really does a FANTASTIC job. I’ve since seen it in CVS. Would I buy it again? Absolutely.

I also have a Snuggie. I usually just use it as a blanket and DON’T put my arms through the sleeves. Would I buy it again? No.

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I really want that thing that lets you hear all conversations, I think it comes with a different product..
I have the Buxton Bag…I can never find anything while blindfolded. lol. And I have a Snuggie, my mother got it for me (she got the bag for me as well) It’s gigantic. But I still wear it to bother my husband.

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@casheroo I have a HUGE problem with that Listen Up thing that lets you hear better. I KNOW there’s some instances that they show that it’d be useful. The church & the bingo illustration, I have no problem with. But when that grinning dope start listening in on the women saying he just moved into the building…isn’t he cute?, I want to gag! Plus, I’d say that’s an invasion of privacy. I wish just once they’d say,,, ‘what’s that idiot grinning at?’

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@jbfletcherfan I just want to know how it, does it make everything really loud? What if someone is talking normally, wouldn’t it be really loud?
Yeah, it is pretty creepy though. I still want it haha

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@Mr_M What don’t you like about the snuggie? I want one so badly, but I think it would mean the end of my sex life

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Anything that says only on TV is a rip-off. As a rule, if they can afford to advertise, they are asking too much. There are exceptions like the Kroger specials or $6000 rebate on a new truck but those are fairly obvious.

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@Likeradar not if you were naked underneath!

As I said, I don’t put my hands in the sleeves so my blanket doesn’t NEED sleeves. Any blanket will do. If I used it the way I’m supposed to, then it’s good.

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@steve6, let me tell you what is a SUPER rip off about “As seen on TV” items…the SHIPPING AND HANDLING!!!

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@Likeradar the snuggie can be quite sexy…i’m still trying to convince my husband of this though lol

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@casheroo :) When you convince your husband, let me know so I can work on the boy…

I’m kinda forbidden from getting one, even if I don’t wear it around him and hide it in the closet. Apparently just knowing I own one would be a huge turn off. Sad day.

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@casheroo & @Likeradar nude under the snuggie…. quite sexay

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@casheroo Yes, I would think it’d make everything loud. I mean, there’d be no way to filter things out.

@Mr_M I’ve heard of people ordering the extra things that start out as “but wait!!! You get the 2nd one free. Just pay shipping & handling”. They’ll keep sending them over & over to get the S & H fees. I read that they did this on the Hercules Hooks. They just kept coming & coming.

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I love my Snuggie. Don’t judge me.

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I’ve asked this question before. I’ve never bought anything but I want the magic bullet and that George foreman looking thing the old lady sells.

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I bought a cooker thinger where you can make different kinds of sandwiches and stuff. There are two wells in it, each one in the shape of a half moon. Well. You can’t control the temperature settings and there is no off button and it doesn’t turn off by itself! I’d have advertised it as a portable house insurance payoff!!

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@Dutchess12 Maybe you can use it under your charcoal in your grill this summer to start your fire, LOL.

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@jbfletcherfan Yeah, or let it burn down the house accidentally so’s I can git a new one! ;)

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@Dutchess12 LOL….be careful of that idea. Big brother is watching. ;-)

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@jbfletcherfan Yes. It would look odd that my house burned down, but everything in it just __happened__ to be in storage elsewhere! (We got rid of it BTW! It skad me!)

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@Dutchess12 I don’t blame you. It sounds like you made a wise decision there, for sure.

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@jbfletcherfan It kind of made me angry, actually. I mean—no way to monitor the heat at all! It should have been illegal to sell….

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This is true. Hard telling what country it was made in.

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I bought the Orange Glo for my hardwood floors. I called the number and had to decline about 10 upsells just to get what I wanted. When I got it, though, I use it about 3 times a year to maintain my floors.

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The “Magic Eraser” that takes marks off the wall without disturbing the paint….especially good on dirt and handprints.

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Just bought and used the Windshield Wonder to clean car windows. Love it! I’m short so the extension on it helps, but it just does a great job cleaning.

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Yeah but I cannot remember any of them at the moment.

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I have the Instyler but I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s good enough to do it’s job but it’s nothing to make a fuss over. I actually prefer the Instyler to other hair straighteners.

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