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When it comes to liquors, which is your ultimate favorite?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23112points) October 31st, 2010

Out of the various liquors I’ve tried, I always seem to gravitate towards rum. I’m out of rum tonight, so I’ve taken advantage of my husband’s Gentleman Jack, but I was still longing for rum.

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Bourbon… specifically Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark.

Shh. Don’t tell the grown-ups.

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Southern Comfort

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I actually like cheap Canadian whiskey. A cheap drunk and an easy hangover.

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Cognac. It’s pricey, but so worth it.

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Tequila, specifically in Margaritas rimmed with salt. I drink far more Jim Beam, though, because we pretty much always have that. For something soothing, I really enjoy Dekuypers Buttershots.

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Tequila straight up. If I’m going to drink.

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I used to love Scotch… especially a smoky coastal one, like Laphroaig, but since my kiddy was born and I was on the wagon for about 3 years, (pregnancy and breastfeeding) I have absolutely no stomach for it any more. Wine and beer are OK, and perhaps a Baileys now and then, but hard liquor makes me really sick now.

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Laphroaig is the finest booze known to humanity. A few drops of spring water to soften and release the flavours. It’s Bonfire Night on Friday, the perfect time for a dram or two.

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I love scotch too but not the smoky Islays. I prefer the Speysides. I also love a good cognac.

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Single malt whiskey, at least 18 years old. Neat.

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Jamaican rum & coke.

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Not technically a liquor, but I’d like a warm glass of sake please. :D

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In the summer, Absolut Ruby Red vodka with grapefruit and cranberry juices and a wedge of lime. In the winter, Crown Royal and Coke.

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I’m a beer and wine person for the most part, but, nothing beats a Grey Goose Bloody Mary or a shot of Baileys in some decaf on a cold night. Thinking of the Caramel Baileys in my fridge.

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“which is your ultimate favorite”

IF I do drink. I am focused on getting a buzz with less aggravation the next day.
So. Vodka on the rocks. Followed with a (few) non alcohol beverage.

But the ultimate? NONE.

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My ultimate favorite was Vodka with Gatorade. Not so much because of the drink, but because of the point in time we were in when we drank it, where we were, and some of the good, hilarious memories surrounding that evening!

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Im a vodka guy. I cant do any dark liquors. If I drink which is pretty rare, I usually go for some sort of flavored vodka (generally a cheap brand cause I cant tell teh fucking difference anyway) mixed with soda

Im quite fond of vanilla vodka mixed with Dr Pepper

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Yep, alcohol is not my drug of choice, mine comes in the form of herbal baked goods. lol

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Evan Williams Black Label Kentucky Bourbon. Mmmmm.

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Dalwhinnie single malt whiskey (15 yrs) is my preferred choice of whiskeys that or the Macallan, the twenty five year old is class in a glass :-/
And worth the expense imo…...

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Rum. Preferably Brinley Gold Vanilla

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@Coloma “Herbal baked goods” eh? Hmmm. Well, we know what you’re eating…

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Nothing chronic, but..tis the season of bountiful harvest. lol

Works great for those menopause hormonal shifts, makes the hot flashes more fun. haha

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@Coloma Riiiight, riiiight. Pssst, mail me some of those “herbal” brownies, would ya? teehee

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Todays menu includes herbal corn muffins…infact, I almost fed one of the special muffins to my neighbors mule. Oops…she might break into the barn for some extra munchies. lol

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@Coloma I’m lmao at the image of a stoned mule!

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LOL, yeah…maybe not so surefooted.
Don’t ride stoned mules on cliffside trails. hahaha

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I usually stick to wine or cocktails, but limoncello is yummy.

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Liquor? I hardly even know her.

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Everyday – Milwaukee’s Best
Special occasion – Buzzards Breath Ale / Lost Coast Brewery’s, “Great White”

Everyday – Ballantine’s
Special occasion – Cragganmore 12yo

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Bourbon – Bulleit Bourbon

Beer is not a liquor, or I’d have a list.

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So you’ve taken advantage of the Gentleman today, did you? ;)

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Crown Royal on ice.

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