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How reliable is T Mobile's cellular coverage in and around San Francisco?

Asked by Mike (42points) March 30th, 2007
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Awful. Missed calls, missed voicemails. In other parts of the country, great, but not in San Francisco.
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I have good reception in the east bay--Oakland and Berkeley
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go to and check out carriers in SF... it's a useful tool
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(basically just lots of user reviews)
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T-mobile is reputable for good singal coverage. don’t worry about signal, worry about what plan suit you best

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Check yourself this at T Mobile official site.

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I have had T-Mobile since its baby days as Voicestream. T-Mobile is rated No. 2 in the country by Consumer Reports Magazine and rightly so. their home base is Seattle and i have never had a coverage problem. T-Mobile utilizes other networks, when you are roaming. T-Mobile’s sister network is AT$T, so you know the coverage is there. San Francisco has never been a problem for my wife and i. the beauty part of T-Mobile is their customer service. i know when i dial 611, that a real, live person is going to answer my call and assist me in anyway they can. T-Mobile, in an emergency, will also give you bonus minutes to tide you over until your cutoff date. this way, you never run out of minutes and having to pay extra. we have been with T-Mobile for eleven years and rank in the top three of their loyalty customer list. and, you can receive a free phone each year, just by signing a one year contract. T-Mobile has never let us down. its hard to find a cellphone company that really still cares about its customers. i feel we have a friend in T-Mobile. they also give perks to valuable customers.

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