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Anyone got any advice to get rid of airplane ear?

Asked by syntak (275points) April 2nd, 2008
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When the airplane is taking off or landing (this tends to be where the greatest changes in air pressure occur causing “airplane ear”) try chewing gum. The most important thing is to keep opening and closing your jaw, which helps to neutralize the pressure in you ears. You can achieve this by chewing gum, eating candy, drinking water, etc.

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You can also hold you nose and act as if you are blowing it. That puts pressure on your eardrums and helps them to pop. It’s an old trick I learned from scuba diving to normalize the pressure.

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Re: scamp; very good idea, but remember to keep mouth shut and to blow gently.

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Thanks for adding that gail!

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Yawning works the best for me.

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to add, ive had it for the past 48 hours.

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If you’ve had it for the past 48 hours it may be something other than “airplane ear”. It may be an ear infection or whatnot. You may want to get it checked out by your doctor.
Good luck!

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i would try yawning or the holding your nose and blowing, they always work for me!

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@ppcakes; do I hear an echo here? Do read the responses before you repeat them, please.

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haha, of course i read them. I was just saying what was the most effective for me. i could have said i also jam q-tips in my ears to see if maybe there is a wax build-up but i did not see that answer being fit for the question…

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Sinus problems…try a nasal decongestant. Otherwise you may be developing a sinus infection. A more natural approach may be to buy a Neti pot and irrigate your sinuses with warm, lightly salinated water. Google Neti and read up.

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@sndfreQ: there is one serious side-effect from the Neti pot….severe pain in ears and head if you have wide Eustacean tubes. My sister and I found out the hard way…agony for several hours. The little rubber syringe that you buy at a pharmacy and fill w. a solution of 1 c. salt water adn 1/2 t water has less force and much the same effect. I found that using the Neti pot was like putting a fire hose up my nostrils. However, for some people, I hear that it is miraculous.

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@ppcakes; sorry that I am being grouchier than usual tonight. Here’s the Q & As on ear wax

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*1/2 t. salt and 1 C warm water – sorry.

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You’re right-I’m sorry about that-I forgot that some people have that reaction. The bulb syringe may be a safer first attempt. Make sure the water is luke warm and sterile-you don’t way to introduce any bacteria into the nasal canals & sinuses-again, read up and try at your own risk!

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@snd: The Neti might be more effective than water boarding, from my experience.

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@gail: LOL!

@syntak: if available, a cool mist humidifier with the menthol-liquid stuff (Vicks) can also help sinuses.

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Drinking water or chewing gum helps. As long as you are swallowing it should help.

To all the dirty minds out there…Get your mind out of the gutter!

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Syntak, sorry about your ear. Do you mean that it hasn’t popped since landing? You might check out the helpful suggestions from the Fluther that I got when I asked a similar question. I hope you feel better soon; it’s so unpleasant! :(

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@blueberryme: Thanks for the link… I do like to help people, but it can be tiresome writing the same information over and over.

@syntak: Please read my response to blueberryme’s question, and feel free to contact me if you have any additional concerns. I hope you feel better soon!!

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That works best,
but you can also just chew on anything
or you can try opening your mouth as if you are yawning and moving your bottom jaw right to left,
or you can just yawn,
but gum is the best

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Cut your ears off with a knife

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