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Why do girls have zippers on their jeans?

Asked by emerica (4points) April 2nd, 2008

i’m the youngest person!
i’m 11

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@emerica if you’re really 11, your account is in violation of Fluther’s policies.

Fluther’s content is intended for adults and US law prevents us from knowingly collecting information from those under the age of 13.

Sorry about that. We don’t write the law, but we are obligated to follow it to the best of our abilities.

Please review the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions and come back in 2 years.

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Just one button would make them harder to get on or off. The jeans are so tight that the zipper just gives extra room to pull them up or shuck them off. There are button fly, but they have those in guys as well as girls. Plus I’m sure if guys had them and girls didn’t, there would be a supreme court case on equal rights. :)

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To answer your question, it’s probably to help with getting them on and off.

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girls have zippers in their pants so they can be just like the boys.

no i’m kidding, if there was no zipper it would be all buttons down the front because of how pants are made and what women wants to unbutton about 5 buttons to get their pants on and off. unless of course they zipper on the side with a hook and eye above that, then that is to make the pants snug, usually dress pants do this.

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@sferik I was only joking. I’m older than 11!

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What else would they have to get them on and off, a trap door?

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@emerica, you say you’re older than 11. Like 11 and change?

The real question is: are you 13? If you’re not, I’m afraid we’re legally obligated to ban you from the site. That’s the breaks. I wish we didn’t have to. No hard feelings.

You asked an interesting question that generated interesting discussion. I image that decisions like this partially explain why intelligent young people are often filled with angst. I know I was at that age. But as much as it pains me to say this: a rule is a rule.

Again, my sincere apologies.

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Levi’s 501 Jeans have buttons in place of the fly. Not my idea of good design, but hey.

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@emerica Come back – you’re 13 and a half now…


Uh, so they can easily put them on and take them off?? Better than having buttons or strings.

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