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(gross but serious) How should I deal with these boogers?

Asked by weeveeship (4665points) November 1st, 2010

I had a cold a couple weeks ago. I have since recovered but since then, my nostrils keep getting clogged up with boogers. It wasn’t like this before the cold. I tried removing the boogers when I wash my face but somehow they keep returning. Most of the boogers are dried and tend to cling to the edge of my nostrils.

Should I continue removing the boogers? I am afraid that I would create scar tissue in my nose. However, it is very hard to breathe without the boogers removed. So, is there a better way (medicine, home remedies) for me to clear the boogers once and for all without damaging my nose? Or is patience the best way to go?

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I would just keep a pack of tissues handy and keep cleaning your nose as you go along.
If your nose is feeling raw or irritated from this, try putting some vaseline (or similar product) on a q-tip and roll that around on the inside of your nostils. Don’t jam the thing all the way up to your brain, but, just use it to protect and moisten the inside of your nostrils.

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You’re serious considering passing up such great nose-pickings? Enjoy it while it lasts!

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Nasal saline solution should do the trick. Do it like 3 times a day till its gone.

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Touching your nose adds bacteria which can cause boogers and inflammation. (Although removing the boogers is good in and of itself).

Look into a neti-pot and follow the instructions or watch a Youtube video of how neti-pots work. Here’s one video

If the neti-pot alone does not clean your nasal sinus area out, then you have developed what I call “sticky snot” which occurs after colds and does not go away without using a steroid inhaler such as Nasocort, Nasonex, Flixonase, or Beconase.

I’d use the nasal steroid for one month while also using the neti pot. Then switch to just the neti-pot as needed.

You’ll need to go to a doctor, a federal health clinic, or an internet pharmacy to get a nasal steroid. I’ve ordered many, and U.S. Customs tolerates personal use amounts of non-narcotic medicine.

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Use a neti pot.

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Just used some nasal spray… Hopefully that works.

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Steam/moisture should help. A humidifier in the bedroom, a hot shower, putting your head near a pan of boiling water or tea kettle with a towel over your head should make it easier to get rid of them by blowing your nose.

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