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What can solve my nose problems?Look description for more details.

Asked by vamtire (251points) July 16th, 2010

Ever since I was young,I have had serious nose blockage and it is like in liquid form,but is like i try to get it all out by like pressing on one side of the nose and exhaling hardly but sometimes it just feels like its block from the inside.My nose also gets block when I am lying down on my bed and my left nose gets block if I lean left and same happens to my right.I am a chinese but don’t trust traditional chinese medicine practitioners but my dad forced my to go,and the guy charged me $250SGD(about$300+USD) and he said he’s gonna get rid of two pieces of meat inside my nose from the inside that is blocking my nose,and I was pain as hell,he used chemicals to burn it out,but a few months have past and I still have the same problems!Any western advice?

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It sounds like a sinus infection to me. Have you tried a saline nasal wash like this one? The are gentle and keep the infection at bay.

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I had nasal polyps that caused the same problems you are describing. I wen tot an ENT (Ear nose and throat doc) and he removed the polyps. After the surgery I spent two days with packing in my nose. When the ENT removed it, a world opened up to me. I can sleep better, taste food better, and even enjoy sex more. Nice.

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@tranquilsea I dont think it is an infection,i dont know much about infections but my problem has been there for a really long time.
@worriedguy Ok,i will go search on that

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No offense to Chinese traditional medicine, but having tried that with little success, you really need to see a Medical Doctor. See if you can make an appointment with an Otolaryngologist (Ear Nose and Throat, or ENT specialist. If they will only take referrals from General Practitioners see a GP and ask to get referred.

How to proceed depends on whether it is being caused by a mechanical blockage of the airways within the nose or a drainage problem with your sinuses. The symptoms you describe lead me to think it may be sinus related, and the treatments for nasal structural problems and sinus problems are completely different, so a good diagnosis is a must before beginning treatment.

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I would suggest going to an ear, nose, and throat specialist. You could have an infection, polyps, a deviated septum, or scar tissue. You might try breathe right strips for when you lay down at night.

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Do see an ENT specialist as @ETpro explained.

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It could be a cyst or other type of blockage. The western advice is see a western doctor.

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Order Flixonase or Beconase (both are nasal sprays) from an internet pharmacy.

The safest nasal sprays are saline, which is just purified sea type water, but those don’t work very well, except as preventative.

The next safest nasal sprays are steroid , like Beconase, Flixonase, Nasonex, or Nasacort.

The third kind of spray, Afrin (Oxymetazoline), is dangerous, and should be avoided.

When you use the Beconase or Flixonase, it will take a few days. First the bottom part of your sinus clears up. Then as that clears up, you are able to spray it deeper, and then it clears up deeper. Then you continue to use the stuff every single day, but you cut the dosage down to half or even ¼.

If you do this and it does not work, then it means you either have a physical problem inside your nose, such as polyps, deviated septum, or an infection. If it is an infection, then antibiotics (but only the right ones) will cure it.

Only a surgical doctor (such as most ENTs) can cure polyps or deviated septum.

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thanks everyone for the advice,i will look into the advice you all have given!

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I used Afrin for many years and it worked for me.

I eventually had nose surgery and it corrected it.

By a U.S. ear, nose and throat doctor.

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