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I wonder how he even wants to play with that hair, but if they can stand it, I don’t see a problem with it.

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Not attractive in my opinion and I don’t know how other players can resist pulling it.

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You’re joking with the first picture, right?

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There is no penalty for a hair pull, they’re supposed to tuck in or shear off what they don’t want pulled, and yes, I think the first picture is a bit “enhanced” although his natural hair is about the biggest you’ll find on any head. This picture is NOT enhanced:

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the first pic is from a commercial
I would think it would be annoying and hot, but I agree with @Blackberry However, it’s a memorable image. I recognize him, but I don’t think I’d recognize any of the other Steelers….

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He’s got great hair, what not?

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Hair is light so why not flaunt it? Having long hair is likely an incentive to run fast so you don’t get it pulled. All those defense players would just love to grab those flowing locks and slam them to the turf while pealing away the ball.

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Reading the link that @GeorgeGee provided, his hair makes perfect sense. It’s not grown for vanity. I have an Ojibwa friend who only cuts his hair for the death of a family member. His long braid is a visual sign that all is well.
If it doesn’t interfere with his job, it makes no difference and apparently earns him recognition beyond his ability. Football players have a limited career span, so go for the endorsements while you can.

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OH MANN. dont even get me started.

Hair in NFL makes me nervous. NFL players with long hair don’t show any kind of manliness other than building a think wall of tough scratchy skin on their scalp because their hair gets ripped out so much.

I think Too much hair in NFL is just…. TOO MUCH!!!

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A few years ago there was a big to-do about the hair pulling thing. Marvin Harrison (retired WR for the Colts) used to have long dreds and he got tackled by his hair in a game. The competition committee eventually ruled that this was okay and within a few weeks every offensive player in the league with long hair chopped it off.

There are a few left here and there, but mostly it’s only the defensive players that have long hair. It works out well most of the time (because they don’t get tackled), but I’ve seen a few of them (Polamalu included) get yanked down by their mane after an interception.

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If they can deal with having it pulled every game, then I don’t see a reason anyone else should be concerned about it. Also, I think I’ve heard interviews with him where he says that he’s not just growing it for fun, but like @Blueroses said its some sort of cultural thing. Plus his hair is awesome.


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I think it’s cute if it’s clean. lol

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Ricky Williams got tackled by his hair a few years ago and did NOT like it at all. It was legal.

As an aside, let’s all thoroughly enjoy the full ass-beating the Packers lay on the asshole Cowboys today.

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And an ass-beating it was.

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