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What is this hair color and how to I go about getting it?

Asked by snowyowl_ecs (417points) December 5th, 2009

I’ve been wanting to dye my hair darker and I found this picture. I love the color but I don’t know how you’d classify it. Is is black, brown, or something inbetween? If I were to go to a salon what color would I ask for to get something like this?

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It looks like black hair with red undertones to me.

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i’m not a barber or a hairstylist, but from the pic you demonstrated, it seems to have the popular “burgundy” notes in what seems to be a predominantly brunette finish. depends on how the light hits it.

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Hmm…looks like a dark burgundy (purple) based black/brown to me.

This or this looks similar to what you want.

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To me it looks to be very dark brown.

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If you already have dark hair, using henna will give you that effect without all the nasty chemicals. It’s probably cheaper too.

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Woah. Am I colorblind or something? It looks like a cool brown to me.

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It has a purple undertone….raven with purple/violet undertones. It’s not red.

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You could always take that picture and show the hairdresser and they could mix up their stuff to make the colour for you.

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I can bring up three computers side by side and see dramatically different colors in the same image on each screen. I can’t even adjust them to the point where they match. You might want to bear that in mind before you start basing decisions on what you and others see on a computer screen.

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I’d put my money on: Natural Dark Brown (according to L’Oreal and Garnier). I have a very similar color and the red reflections only happen in sunlight – most of the time it looks practically black.

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If @Jeruba is right, if you’ve got a laptop and that’s what you’re viewing the picture on, maybe take that in to show the hairdresser…

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looks purple to me :)

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Why don’t you just print the picture and show the hairdresser?

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I’d say just print the picture and take it, as a fail safe. Otherwise, I’d agree it’s a burgundy variation.

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that actually is a pretty nice colour. It just looks like black until you see all the purple, burgundy, and brown undertones.. I really like it!

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It is a brown, but a ‘cool’ brown, i.e. suited for paler skin tones like hers. It has blue/purple undertones. A gorgeous colour.
this is an example of a ‘warm’ brown hair colour
see how different they are?

you could look in live colour xxl by schwarzkopf for ‘bittersweet chocolate’,
and then once you’ve dyed it that colour, wait a few days and then dye it mystic violet over the top, seems like it would achieve that colour?

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To me it looks like dark brown to soft black. Dark brown is when there is still glints of colour in the hair and black is just a pigment shade. the picture looks like either a healthy black or dark brown but they can be similar, depends on the lighting.
You want to reach this paticular colour?
This is how you can do it :)

what colour is your hair? and how processed is it?

if your hair is really processed and a muck colour (a colour thats the result of many times of dying your hair) and porus (meaning now when you do dye your hair, and if you leave dye on for too long it turns your hair almost black and course)
Then try a darkest brown or softest black hair dye you can find, so no blue black, purple etc. and keep it on for 10–20 minutes and wash out with a shampoo that has almond oil and/or alot of coconut (you can find decent ones at the supermarket) or you could buy them at a salon depending how much you want to spend or if your hair likes more expensive brands.

For example, my hair is very porus so I only leave hair dye in for a short amount of time (15–20) because porus hair SOAKS up colour fast, and I use supermarket brand shampoos and conditioner because my hair feels nice and mantains healthy. I’ve used more expensive brands of hair care but they dont change my hair alot.

If your hair is an ash colour, a blonde or a lighter brown definitly use darkest brown hair dye and leave it on for as long as the box says so, and wash out with a coconutty conditioner and shampoo. Usually its best to use the conditioner that comes with the box. I prefer Nice and easy 3 colourseal conditioning gloss because it’s always helped keep my hair from getting worse and it’s got coconut as an ingredient, you can even smell it. It’s a good indications theirs coconut in the shampoo, and lots of it if you look for one.

anyway hoped I helped. Good luck!

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Brown with purple dye.

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