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Is a cowlick a dealbreaker, or is it possible to train bangs?

Asked by Ammolite (72points) July 14th, 2010

I went to the same hairdresser for 21 years, and she would never cut me bangs, saying I had too many cowlicks.

And I do—but don’t most people? And what’s this about training bangs? Is it possible, or am I stuck with limited hairstyles?

I don’t even want straight-across bangs…I just want some facial layers to frame my face.

Info. appreciated.

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Cowlicks are a bitch in the bangs but they can be put into submission, forget about training them. A slim straightening iron works on mine along with a few dabs of Murray’s hair wax.

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I have a cowlick right in the middle of my forehead. I never thought I could have bangs. I can, but it takes a big round brush and a flat iron. First I round brush the bangs while I blow dry them, then I flat iron them. They look real flat and stupid on me. I have really curly hair, so it just doesn’t look right unless I iron my whole head.

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You could get your bangs chemically straightened. Maybe even buy a relaxer or perm solution and hold it very straight for the setting time. You could try it while your hair is long, and if it works cut your bangs.

Using the round brush and curling iron will help too if you don’t want to deal with chemicals. Practice while your hair is still long.

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When I was younger I used to put a perm on my hair and just comb it straight while the perm processed. It worked, I guess, but it was fuzzy.

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I have two cowlicks at my hairline. When the weather is humid, they turn into ringlets. I am now growing them out. Having fussed and tried products all my life, I am now making my peace with my hair.

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@gailcalled I was telling someone not long ago that I finally just came to terms with and accepted my hair. I have tried everything to get rid of my curls. I finally just came to terms with them, put some mousse in and let them go. The only way I can get away from the curls is to have a very short pixie haircut and then it still doesn’t lay right when it grows much.

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@knitfroggy: I’d love to have curls; I have a mix of curls, waves, some straight hair and some fine blond bits left over from my childhood.

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@gailcalled I guess we always want what we don’t have. I always wanted just plain straight hair, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

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I have seven cowlicks, according to my barber. this is why i keep my hair cut really short. how can you train seven cows to do anything?

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what is a cowlick?

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@knitfroggy: I am letting my hair grow in order to go back to the solution I used years ago; a bun with a few wisps, a pony tail, bunches or one or two braids.

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@gailcalled That’s funny. I’m letting mine grow too. I got a pixie cut in November and I dearly loved it that short, but, I’ve decided to let it grow.

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@Ludy If you haven’t looked it up, this is what a Cowlick is…picture included.

I battled one for years with gels, brushes, hair dryer and curling iron. Now that it’s kept short and age has brought upon waves/curls, it’s no longer an issue.

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oh i get it now, but, i never knew of any near the forehead, thank god i don’t have any like that but anyway i can ‘t get bangs because my face shape is round and i have very little forehead :(

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I have one in the front, too, and almost always have bangs, anyway. I part my hair on the side that the cowlick is on, and I get what I call wispy bangs. Not straight across. I don’t do anything special to them, either. My bangs do tend to separate at the cowlick, but so what? If you really want bangs, try it! What’s the worst that could happen? The great thing about a bad haircut is it will always grow out. :)

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I was told something similar. I was told that bangs would look ridiculous because my hair is so curly. I went “bangless” until 2007, when I told my hairdresser, cut them in, or I won’t pay you. She did, and it was the best haircut decision I’d ever made. I love my bangs. Long story short, cut the bangs in. If you don’t like it, it’ll grow back. Good luck!

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I have THIS and it’s wonderful. Any hair problem, cut it all off and see what grows in its place.

That is the usual approach for people over 40. Your brows get longer and stiffer. They hang into your lashes, and it drives you crazy. Women pull the brows out and redraw them with a pencil, men cut them off and forget it. After all, it only shocks the people who get in front of you!

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