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What is your favorite convenience store and or gas station?

Asked by TheDeadWake (545points) April 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

Mine is QuikTrip or QT. Very clean and well organized. I believe it to hold the perfect balance.

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Mine is QT too! We don’t have any where I’m at, but there are tons around my aunts place in the Kansas city area. I love their slushies! Mmmmm… I wanna take a road trip now.

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7–11. Slurpees are awesome!

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As i said in the other question WAWA IS THE GREATEST THING EVER.

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I think it was a “flying J” i went to that had a A&W in it. The corn dogs and root beer were phenomenal

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Toss up between WAWA and SHEETZ. SHEETS has a Pretzel bun club sandwich that is so yummy and WAWAS lemonade ice tea is also very yummy.

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definitely wawa!

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Petro Truck Stops. Oh man, gotta love that Iron Skillet.

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I like 7–11’s!!! I call them, “sevs”. They’re all pretty much laid out the same so its easy for me to find stuff when I need it!

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bp 92oct for the lexus gs.

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i live in a small town so i’d have to say alsups ha! although when i lived in lake jackson i really loved the buckee’s.

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Wawa is buy far the best convenience store there ever was!

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Oh I already anwersed.

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its ok, wawa’s greatness deserves multiple reiterations :P

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