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"You like your true self"?

Asked by Soubresaut (13700points) November 3rd, 2010

I’ve heard a few times that if you find the real you, and you are able to become that you, that you’ll love yourself.
...what do you think?
and do you think you’ve found “you”? what did it take?

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Nope. I’ve always been the same person, I know who I am inside. Why do people always talk about finding the “real” you?

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Oh yes….but…finding the real you doesn’t have anything to do with becoming, it’s just about discovering whats already there and embracing it.

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I like my true self. I’m just not all that thrilled with my everyday, in practice rather than in theory self.

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I used to wish I could be like other people, and not feel so out of place, when I was in school, but ever since I became an adult and a mother I got over it.

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i hate myself actually! :(

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eh, still trying to accept the fact that I’m at the least an existential nihilist.

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I love my true self but I hate what he had to do to survive for 40 years.

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I love my true self. And I guess I did marry someone who is close to who I am in the inside. It wasn’t too hard. All I had to do was not settle.

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You begin to know your true self when you know your origin and you know your destination,
From that knowledge brings peace and contentment because all the present is filled with light and the knowing of Truth..

To not know your true self is to continue to follow the false way.

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I like some things about myself and hate some things about myself. I am who I am though and I like more about myself. I have learned to not care what certain people think about me. I am who I am and people can live with it.

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yep, I’ve found the old fart! Today, he is a pretty cool dude!

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@mumoxymelody oh, but my young friend, you have your whole life in front of you! When i was young, made some bad choices, but that did not make me a bad person. You learn from bad choices and life gets MUCH better. Be cool….you are going to be just fine.

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I feel very fortunate that I have experienced life as I have. From the cruel realities to the fantastic expierences that I have been blessed to have witnessed. I feel that if I had not been the self that I am, I would not have had the ability to survive and take notice of the fantastic world that is around us all.

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My true self is on the work release program right now….work and then get released on the weekends. ;)

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I don’t like my true self at all. I’m trying to change before I get worse.

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@Aesthetic_Mess we ALL are a work in progress! The important thing for me, I try to improve a little each day! Maybe someday, the finished product will be complete.

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I don’t believe in true selves or false selves – all of our selves even if we’re pretending are who we are at each moment. There are many ways I cover ‘who I am’ in certain situations but it doesn’t make me any less me.

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It is a work in progress but I am not displeased by my ‘true self’ so far

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Mmhh..I don’t beliieve we ever find our ‘true selves’...I feel we react to the given moment, the dynamics of the situation, the company we keep and the physical environment. We are never static and our views/ideals may differ on reflection…that’s what makes life more interesting and gives us individuality but never the opportunity to truely find our true selves…however inner peace may be found following reflection and the motivation to learn from experience.

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“We all wear masks and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing our own skin.”

- André Berthiaume

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