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Do you give holiday presents to those people at work who help you, such as clerical staff?

Asked by jca (36005points) November 4th, 2010

Where I work, I am friends with some of the clerical staff, who also help me as part of their job. I am wondering whether or not to give them holiday presents as a thank you. Do you give the people at work who help you holiday presents, for example clerical staff, as a way of saying thanks?

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It’s a nice thing to do and that was generally the practice where I worked. They might also be getting you something and I think, just in terms of office politics and protocols, it will be better if you get them each a little something and they give you nothing than if they get you something and you have nothing for them.

I also kept a small stash of “generic” Christmas presents, like nice Christmas tree ornaments boxed and wrapped, in my desk drawer, in case someone I hadn’t thought to get a gift for gave me one.

Edit: If you’re new there you might want to ask someone in HR what the gift giving policies and protocols are.

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I don’t work anymore, but I give the lady who cleans my house a holiday bonus.
Now that you’ve mentioned this, I’ll try to remember to give one to the yard maintenance dude.

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I help out the clerical staff where I work. Seriously.

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If you are into giving during the holiday season, you should thank those who have been helpful to you during the year.

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We give holiday gifts to the trash collectors, the mail delivery person, the pool cleaner and any other workers who happen to be doing work during the holiday season.

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At work, we create a 1-gift party with a monetary limit. Sometimes, we draw names beforehand, or we opt for just picking a gift from a pile. Personally, I don’t like to give a gift to those that support me just because it is a holiday. I give them throughout the year as a thank-you for their efforts. Also, if I attend a conference where gifts are given out, I take them back to the office and give them to the administrative staff.

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Our office does a “Secret Santa” at Christmas, with a price limit, and managers generally get small gifts for their team, but it’s not really the done thing to buy gifts for anyone else. Cards are appreciated though.

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