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Best free mac apps?

Asked by eklamor (415points) April 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

what are some great free mac apps? Or even ones with cracks?

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mac the ripper

there’s so many more but I’m busy at the moment. work, sheesh…

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I second the first post. Adium X is pretty nice. I use Disk Inventory X frequently when troubleshooting issues. Text Wrangler is pretty bad ass too.

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journler.. amazing journaling program.

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Senuti is a great way to get stuff off iPods.
Smultron is great for coding.
WouldjaDraw is great for simple graphics
SketchUp is great for simple 3D stuff.
Pixen is great for Pixel Art

they’re really, insanely great,

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Quicksilver ( it is the best ever.

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seashore is great for doing things that paint does on windows, plus it supports layers like photoshop

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butler. I like that one.

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